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Apple iPhone 5 Personal Pickup Reservations Starts Tonight in U.S

Apple is running out of stock for the iPhone 5 these days as the demand for the iPhone 5 is rising day by day. Those of you pre-ordered the iPhone 5 and are waiting for the delivery should cancel the pre-orders because he shipment time for the iPhone 5 has been slipped from 3-4 weeks officially on Apple’s website. If you can wait for the late arrival of the iPhone 5, then you should stick with online delivery and delayed shipment for the iPhone 5. The main reason behind the delay in shipment of the iPhone 5 is blamed to be huge demand for it. This huge demand for the iPhone 5 has made it go out of stock when the pre-orders began this Friday.

If you are willing to get an iPhone 5 and cannot wait for long, then Apple has got a perfect solution for you people that it will be implementing tonight in U.S. Apple has planned to launch an in-store reservation system starting from today at 10:00PM (ET). This new system will allow users to pickup the iPhone 5 personally from the Apple Retail Store across U.S. In other words, Apple has started the iPhone 5 personal pickup program.


This iPhone 5 personal pickup program got some rules and regulations. It has been based on first-come, first served basis. In difference, the customers in other countries other than U.S, such as the U.K,got more leniency. They can reserve the iPhone 5 the day before and then pickup the iPhone 5 next day.

For U.S customers, they should buy the iPhone 5 the same day they make a reservation for store pickup program. If they failed to arrive on time or got late, the order would be cancelled and the amount would be refunded. The iPhone 5 would be handed over to some one else.

We are sure that no one would like to loose the most amazing iPhone yet. We would recommend going with the iPhone 5 personal program when it is live. You can see the iPhone 5 personal pickup opening from here. When it is live, the iPhone 5 personal pickup program would be available on the link.

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