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Apple iPhone 5C Replaces iPhone 5 – What’s the Logic Behind It?

Today Apple announced iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S while kicking out the one-year-old baby behind named the iPhone 5. The same iPhone 5 that was bragged by Apple on its launch on September 12, 2012 and after a year Apple kicked out the same iPhone 5 out of the league leaving no space for it on the Apple Store to shine with others. Over here, what made Apple take this step is not known, but the low-cost or mid-range iPhone 5C’s arrival was confirmed previously. In fact, every one including us thought that iPhone 4S would be kicked from the seen or would be made free by Apple and iPhone 5 would be priced $49 with two years contract.

Amazingly, iPhone 4S prediction appeared to be true, but the iPhone 5 one went down the drain because it was kicked out of the game. There was a moment of silence in the hall and among the people watching the live keynotes of Apple, when Apple displayed, “Replacing iPhone” slide in its KeyNote.

When the slide went on further, Apple announced iPhone 5C with the same specifications of iPhone 5 with minor changes made to the hardware and new color scheme was introduced.


Later on, Apple continued with the iPhone 5C and announced iPhone 5S afterwards. When the final stage of pricing came, there was no iPhone 5. Instead of iPhone 5, there were iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S. This was WTF moment for Apple fans, especially for us because iPhone 4S is old-fashioned and iPhone 5 was new. The legacy should have continued.

After the moment of silence was over, the Media Event of October 23, 2012 struck in our heads recalling the wordings of History Repeats.

Iphone 5s

On browsing back to the date of October 23,2012 we found the same thing that is done today was done with the iPad 3. Apple iPad 3 wasn’t even a year old and Apple kicked it off the shelves in replacement of the iPad 4 because iPad 4 was having some new hardware updates and it was new in the market. Therefore, Apple discontinued iPad 3, limited iPad 2 to 16GB, and displayed iPad Mini.

Hence, we can now clearly say that Apple did the same thing with Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5. Apple replaced iPhone 5 with iPhone 5C because i5C is a so-called low-cost iPhone made by them starting at the same price of iPhone range that is made after the release of a new iPhone. Every time a new iPhone is released, the old one gets $100 of on non-contract based price model.

Taking iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S as an example.

When iPhone 5 was announced, Apple priced it $649 waving off a $100 on iPhone 4S price making it $549.

But at the time of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announcement, Apple had to wave off the price on the iPhone 5 because it’s the tradition of them. Instead of waving off $100 on iPhone 5 prices, Apple replaced it with iPhone 5C and priced iPhone 5C at $549 on non-contract basis.

Moreover, to cover the replacement of the iPhone 5, Apple introduced multicolored scheme in plastic body shaped iPhone 5C, so people can buy that version more than the iPhone 5.

To conclude the topic, we can clearly say that Apple made a wrong decision by eliminating the iPhone 5 from its store and replacing it with Apple iPhone 5C because the shares price of AAPL had a fall after the announcement of iPhone 5C.

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