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Apple Kicked iPad 3 Off the Charts and Replaced iPad 4 Instead

Few hours back, the Tech Giant Company of Cupertino announced something that made the fans go mad, broke the heart of some people, and made many say, “WTF”. The same tech giant that used to rule the world since 2011 made the biggest mistake that they could ever make. The same tech giant who was the favorite of many and many of the people would used to line up outside the store to get the same alleged product after it was announced. The name of that tech giant is none other than Apple. Following Apple like a religion, we told you weeks back that on October 23, Apple is to announce many lineups of new products and some updates.

The series of new products included iMacs, MAC Mini, MAC Book Pro Retina 13, and the iPad Mini. The updates included the iPad with a lightning dock, iOS 6.0.1, and iTunes 11. Unfortunately, we didn’t see iTunes 11 and iOS 6.0.1; instead, we saw a new iPad with lightning dock called the iPad 4th Gen. when the name, iPad 4th Gen was called out, million of fans and people watching the event went into deep shock. Especially, those who bought the iPad 3 few days back or the day before or within the start of this month, every one expected iPad refreshments would be made next year and not this year.

Apple had something different in their mind. They released an iPad 4 the same year they released the preceding iPad 3 (The New iPad), but in different months. This might sound crazy or logic less, after all its Apple. We cannot say anything to the fruit company because they have also entered in the race to beat Samsung by introducing new products after few months. They are following the same pattern of Samsung.

However, coming to the point, today when Apple announced the iPad 4 and the Apple’s website came back to life, something strange happened. Something that is going to blow of your minds and you people is going to say a big “WTF” to Apple. This something was found by our Editor while surfing Apple’s website and seeing the comparison list of the iPads to see how does the iPad 3 compares with the iPad 4.


When we went into the comparison section, we could only find three different models of the iPad. This was something strange because Apple got four different version of the iPad rolling out currently. The four different versions are the iPad 2, The New iPad, the iPad Mini, and the iPad 4 Gen. when we scrolled down to processor list and found out that A5X named processor has been kicked out of the list and instead of the A5X Processor, there was a new name of A6X that came out today.



After introducing the Apple iPad 4, Apple simply kicked the iPad 3 out of the comparison list and named the iPad 4 with the same name of the iPad 3 that is iPad with Retina Display. This was a nice move by Apple.

You can see the comparison list from here.

What do you guys think about this nasty move by Apple?

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