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Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start in Pakistan With Delivery in Two Days

The mimics about the iPhone 5 are going high these days. Every one is talking about the new iPhone 5 released by Apple the last week. The new iPhone 5 got a fully redesigned body and whole lot of new features with increased screen size. This new overhaul in design is not accepted by some of the Apple Fans. They say that Apple has just wasted their time and haven’t made anything new. It is the same old shit with an increment in the screen. No doubt, they are right about the design. However, we think about the iPhone 5 in a different way. We appreciate the design made by Apple with an increment in the screen.

At this point of confusion, people will start to make a debate on the topic that we don’t want to do. Therefore, we would finish the design or size topic and lets move to the real thing. As we, all know the iPhone 5 Pre-Orders started on September 14 and the iPhone 5’s were to be shipped by September 21 that is just few hours away. The initial launch was targeted to specific countries including U.S.A, Australia, U.K, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Later on September 28, the doors for the iPhone 5 launch will be opened for many other countries.

Over here, we are hearing about the iPhone 5 to land in Pakistan the same time the iPhone 5 is landing in U.S.A. to be clear, the iPhone hasn’t launched officially in Pakistan since the first launch of iPhone 2G in 2007. Apple has never ever announced any official launch or made Pakistan as the launch country until now. However, amazingly the iPhone 5 is going to be landing in Pakistan unofficially on the same above date of September 21. The amazing thing about the launch of iPhone 5 is that, it is available for pre-order online on the website called “londonstudioonline”. This website is accepting iPhone 5 Pre-Orders online on their website and aims to deliver the iPhone 5 in just two days. That is September 22 or September 23, you would be having iPhone 5 at your doorstep without any hustle.


How to Get Apple iPhone 5 in Pakistan from This Web?

To get an Apple iPhone 5 from this web is easy. All you need to do is just place a call on the above-mentioned number and ask them that you need to place an order for the iPhone 5. They will ask some details of you, then you order will be placed.

Apple iPhone 5 Price in Pakistan?

The guys over London Online are selling the iPhone 5 for $1,216 (RS 115,000). The pre-order price for the iPhone 5 is mentioned above. This is what they told  to us.

We don’t know about any other mobile retail store’s price for the iPhone 5. We didn’t come across any yet. If you know any, feel free to let us know about it.

What Payment Method does They Accept?

We don’t now them personally, they haven’t approached to us, or they haven’t paid us to write about them. Our reader, Salman Arshad tipped us about the iPhone 5 Pre-Orders starting, therefore we thought to share on.

However, what we know is that they take the payment in advance. They need the full payment to done before hand.

Do you recommend them?

No, we don’t recommend them because we don’t know about the legitimacy of the web or the people. We don’t know how legit they are.

The information we got was that they are operating from Sialkot, Pakistan.

Place an order with them at your own risk. The management of TechGlued.Com will not be responsible for any theft/fraud done with you by them or any one. We don’t recommend you to go with them or any one online.

We only wanted to inform the people of Pakistan to get ready for the Apple iPhone 5 in Pakistan.  The future of iPhone’s will be landing in Pakistan the same day as of U.S.A in specific cities.


After getting a word of reliability from the person who referred us, we would like to semi-recommend this website for the iPhone 5 pre-orders in Pakistan.

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