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CEO of 3 Italy Confirms the iPhone 5 September Launch

The iPhone 5 launch is now official. Today, Vincenzo Novari, CEO of 3 Italy confirmed the news regarding iPhone 5 launch in September by Tweeting on his official Twitter account. The excitement level of Novari was so high that he not only Tweeted once, but also he Tweeted twice regarding the iPhone 5 Launch. In his first Tweet he asked about who is ready for the iPhone 5 launch.


Ci siamo quasi…siete pronti per l’Iphone 5?


Almost there … are you ready for the iPhone 5?

Then in his second Tweet, he Tweeted:

Iphone 5 ofcourse I can not answer your questions but I guarantee you will be ‘a great product and our offer will be’ …


Novari also confirms that the iPhone 5 would be a great phone. It will be the future of iPhone’s. How great it will be, we cannot say anything about it for the time being. It is also assumed that 3 Italy might offer some good deals for the iPhone 5 when it is launched in the market. So get ready Italy people, the iPhone 5 would be offered on 3 Italy soon.

The official announcement is planned for September 12 with release date of September 21.

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