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Galaxy Note II Release Scheduled with Projected iPhone 5 Release Date

The Korean company is in full swing to bring on a hard competition to its competitor Apple with their newly iPhone 5 launch. We know about the upcoming IFA event on August 29, Wednesday when the Korean company, Samsung will unveil something new that has been in its bag since sometime. That something new we already know is the Galaxy Note II. Samsung has previously released a video teaser about its upcoming IFA event on August 29, telling about something stylish is coming.

The Korean company, Samsung would be unveiling the Galaxy Note II on the IFA event though, what about the release date. Samsung wouldn’t be releasing the new member of the Flagship the same day.


The shipment of Galaxy Note II will be made in the week 40 as stated in the leaked spreadsheet by SamMobile. This week 40 (W40) is expected to be from October 1-7, the same time when the iPhone 5’s second wave is highly expected to release worldwide. Moreover, the Galaxy Note II will come in two colors as enumerated in the leaked spreadsheet by SamMobile. The two colors are “ceRamic White” and the other one is “TBD”. TBD (to be decided) is a new color that Samsung needs you to decide about it. Therefore, we expect the color to be black or pebble blue. The same color that Samsung Galaxy S III got.

According to TechnoBufallo, the retailer pointed out them with a little sanction about a new color scheme coming to Samsung Galaxy SIII is “Titan Grey.” The same color for Samsung Galaxy S III that has been rumored as “Black” previously. That rumored Black color is “Titan Grey.” Cool.

Those who are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note II release anxiously can see the tech Specs that were leaked today from here.

Stay tuned with us for the Samsung Galaxy Note II release.

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