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Clever Chinese Girl Sell Hugs to buy an iPhone 5 (Video)

The craze for Apple products is all around the globe, but in China, the craze of new Apple products is on extreme. The Chinese youths are crazier for the Apple products than the rest of the world. The youth is willing to do anything for an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. They can do anything to have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. They just want to own an Apple product by hook or crook. It doesn’t matters what it takes them to achieve the goal. They can do anything and some things are beyond one’s imagination. They are just crazy die-hard Apple fans.

Previously we told you about a Chinese boy who wanted to have an iPhone and an iPad 2. In order to fulfill his luxury want, the kid went to some province and sold out his one kidney for $50,000 (Approx.) out of which he bought an iPhone, iPad 2, and a laptop. When he arrived back at home, his mother scolded him for selling out his kidney and reported the incident to the police. When the police raided the place, they didn’t found anything at that place.

Soon after that another incident happened in China and that time, the story was related to Apple iPhone 4S and the culprit was a teenage girl. This teenage girl wanted to have an iPhone 4S and in order to get one, she offered her virginity for sale. Later on, what happened, we don’t know. However, to sell a body organ to get an Apple product in China has now became a common practice. Every other person is selling his/her body organ to grab an Apple product.

After those both the cases, this time the case if the same for an Apple Product, but in a different way. This time the culprit is a girl and the victim is the iPhone 5. The only difference is of the medium of having money to buy an iPhone 5.



As we can see in the above picture that a girl is selling hugs to buy an iPhone 5. The location noted by MIC Gadget is Xiamen, a major city in southeast China where this strange girl was found holding a cardboard with a statement written in Chinese, stating:

“10 yuan for a hug, to collect money for iPhone 5” 

This means, you pay $1.60 for a hug to the lady in black with black shades.

In no time, the lady was surrounded by spectators and amazingly three people hugged her, which means that she earned a total of $4.8 from three hugs. The amount of an iPhone 5 in China is 5,288 yuan (US$849). It means that the girl would require 526 more hugs to achieve the goal of buying an iPhone 5.



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