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Samsung Galaxy S4 Beautiful Concept Hands on (Video)

The New Year is upon us and we must be expecting many new things from the Tech Giants ruling the Smart Phone Market these days. The tech giants are no one other than Apple and Samsung. These two are the best rivals in the niche of Smart Phone and Tablet categories. When it comes to Smart Phone lineups, both the companies get on head to head to beat each other’s sales by introducing a new Smart Phone after a year or after few months. In this case, of announcement of a new Smart Phone in a year, we can take Apple as a best Example and for release of Smart Phones in months; we can take Samsung as a best example.

In order to beat Apple iPhone 5 sales, Samsung introduced Galaxy S3 Mini with low specs and the Korean company is further planning to introduce another member in the family of Galaxy S Series to bash out the iPhone 5 from market. The new member is not officially confirmed by the Korean company, but the rumors are somewhat confirmed about the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 at C.E.S 2013 or M.W.C. The Korean company in past had denied all the rumors pointing out towards Galaxy S4 by saying them unrealistic and fake. The company also mentioned that they have no plans on releasing the Galaxy S4 in near future.

After getting a denial from Samsung regarding Galaxy S4, the rumors increased the hype of Galaxy S4 by leaking the alleged specifications of the Smart Phone along with some internal benchmark testing of the Galaxy S4 specs that were leaked in wild.

Moving on wards with the claims regarding the alleged Galaxy S4, today we came across a stunning concept of Galaxy S4 made by Maxim in which all the leaked tech specs were taken into consideration starting from the design to display. Other than the tech specs, few things are added additionally in this concept video.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept Video:

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S4 – First Look by dm_50dc92f6a1de8

As you can see in the above concept video that the size of the Galaxy S4 is set accordingly to the rumored size of 5.8-inch with 1080p HD Amoled Display and the boot speed is amazing.

Everything is set accordingly with the leaked tech specs. The only thing that seems to be new is the laser keyboard. This concept of laser keyboard might seem new, but this option was first introduced at the time of the iPhone 5 Concept and no one was able to see this feature coming live in the Smart Phone categories. To make this feature might increase the production cost, but as portrayed in the above concept video that there is a dock, which has a laser keyboard, and when you swipe your palm on the table, the keyboard is alive.

This sort of concept can be made real because we got laser keyboards technology live in the market at a high price. Certainly, Samsung can come up with this concept of dock laser keyboard to grab some more market share and top all the tech giants.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept Gallery:

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