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Download iOS 7 Beta 4 Now and iOS 7 GM Build in September

Gearing up back from the down time of the Developer Center due to critical issue that led to hack a week ago, today Apple recovered few days back with a new system of showing the Dev portal services online or offline. Covering the recovery of the DEV portal, Apple today following the same tradition released iOS 7 Beta 4 for developers to continue its Beta testing until this fall. Before the official links of iOS 7 Beta 4 could be released, unofficial (semi-official) links from the dev portal were leaked in wild confirming the arrival of iOS 7 Beta 4 today.

The main down time caused by a hack due to a bug in dev-portal made Apple delay its iOS 7 Beta 4 that was scheduled for July 22, 2013 release. However, Apple had to recover from the down time by fixing the issue and to get back on the track for the iOS 7 Beta testing.


As of now, Apple is back on the track of releasing new Beta versions according its traditional releases of two weeks and sometimes it takes more time to release a new iOS Beta because of intensive testing. Moreover, in near future prior to official iOS 7 launch this fall; Apple will do some internal testing of the iOS 7 Beta versions to see if there is any bug left or not. The internal testers might an inside team of Apple developers or they can be the chosen ones or the ones who will register them selves for further internal testing with Apple.

Apple will seed them new build internally, only if Apple plans to take the beta testing to a whole new level.

Download iOS 7 GM Release Date:

As we know that Apple has reached to iOS 7 Beta 4 and the end of July is around in a day or two. After that we would be landing in fall, where we would be hearing a lot about iOS 7, the new iPhone 5S, and the low-cost iPhone Model. While we would be busy in reading about these things, we would be missing out the iOS 7 Beta release dates because every one would be keeping a strong eye on the Jailbreak and the final release date of iOS 7 public version.

These two things will follow each other in one after another position. Therefore, get ready to buckle up for this Fall 13.

Now coming back to the iOS 7 GM (Gold Master) release date predictions, a firm source believes with us that the final iOS 7 GM build would arrive after two more iOS 7 Beta versions that iOS 7 Beta 5 and iOS 7 Beta 6. After these two Beta versions, we would be seeing iOS 7 GM build in September.

Now this makes some sense because Apple releases a new Beta after two weeks and two betas would make a total of four weeks that is a whole month of August for just two iOS 7 Betas.

Soon after ending the season of iOS 7 Betas in August, Apple will release iOS 7 GM build some where in the first or second week of September prior to its media event on which the tech company will announce many new things. Out of those many new things, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks would be two of them. Where as, a new iPhone model and a low-cost iPhone model remain in the list of pending things.

Until then you can proceed on to download iOS 7 Beta 4 for developers from Apple’s Dev Portal.

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