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Earpods an Innovation or A Weapon of Ear Destruction by Apple (Review)

This year Apple changed the way people used to listen to music, listen to calls, and many more things. Apple didn’t introduced any new series of music or anything related to it, indeed Apple redesigned the Head Phones that they were using in preceding years. This was a great breakthrough by Apple in the industry of Head Phones. They have completely changed the shape of old fashioned and traditional round-shaped headphones to newly designed horse headed headphones. They named the newly designed headphones as Earpods. The name of the new headphones might be clear enough to tell about the shape or meaning of the headphones.

If not, then we will tell you. Apple engineered the new headphones, Earpods in a way that it can easily fit into any one’s ear easily. No one has to take a soft black cushion sort of thing on the Earpods to make them stick in the ear while they are on the move. All you need to do is just plugin the headphone jack at the bottom/top of the iPhone and press the Earpods in you ears. Once you are done, you are ready to rock and roll. The Earpods will never ever drop of your ears even if you are dancing or running or jogging while using them because they are specially designed for your ears.


However, we are now aware of the new design of the Earpods that Apple introduced with the iPhone 5 on September 12. Apple in the demo video of the Earpods told about the voice clarity and they told about how this new design works. While going through the Official introduction video of Apple’s Earpods by Apple, we found something strange. That something strange was previously pointed out by @Sherif_Hashim, the iOS Baseband Hacker who is also a doctor/surgeon, soon after Apple released the Earpods.

The thing we are talking about is also present in the promotional video of Apple’s Earpods. First see the video below and see if you can figure it out yourself or not.

Earpods Apple Video:

Did you figured out the knot?

If not, then here is the knot that we spotted in the video and Sherif Hashim tweeted on his Twitter account on September 13. Exactly a day after the iPhone 5 was announced.

The problem with Earpods is that the voice is directly directed through your ear canals that can damage your eardrum that can affect your listening capability. This directness of voice to you ear canals with the help of Earpods is another Tympanic membrane damaging beast. To find out more about Tympanic Membrane, we did some findings on the Internet and found out that the alternate or the other name of Tympanic Membrane is Eardrum, the same name of which every one is well aware.

What is Eardrum / Tympanic Membrane?

The thin translucent oval membrane separating the external ear from the middle ear. It transmits vibrations produced by sound waves, via the ossicles, to the cochlea also called tympanum Nontechnical name eardrum. – source of definition


Image Courtesy

The term we used above is not by us, we found it on the Internet and thought to share with all of you for your safety. The above definition is very technical and cannot be understood by every one.

In simple words, Eardrum is the part of your ear that transmits vibrations produced by sound waves in your ear.

(The above image is from the introduction video of the Earpods by Apple)

The higher level of sound will transmit more vibration and it will result in damaging your eardrums.


This problem doesn’t persist in the Earpods only; the issue of Eardrum being damaged is present in all the headphones only if you listen to music in loud volume. All headphones damage you eardrums but with a slow pace depending upon the level of volume you have enabled.

The chances of getting your eardrum damaged are more with the help of Earpods. As they are very direct into you ear canals, they can damage your eardrum much faster than any other headphones.

How to Avoid Eardrum Damage from Earpods?

To avoid any kind of damage from the Earpods or any other headphones, you simply need to keep the volume low whenever listening to Music, playing games, talking to any one or what ever you are doing. Just remember to keep the Volume low. The Earpods are designed in a way to provide you with voice clarity and it took Apple total of three years to make such headphones.

Your point of view or opinion would be highly appreciated on Earpods by Apple. Do let us know about Earpods Apple innovation or weapon of Eardrum destruction in comments below.

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