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Ufone Launches iPhone 5 Nano SIM in Pakistan Officially

The first ever carrier to meet the demand of its people has today announced the availability of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM’s in selected customer care centers in Pakistan. The carrier is the one of the best and top most favorite carrier amongst people living in Pakistan. The name of that carrier is Ufone. Today Ufone announced the availability of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM by sending in Messages to every one owning an Ufone Network SIM in Pakistan regarding the first arrival of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM’s availability exclusively on its carrier. This exclusive arrival of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM’s on Ufone will help many Pakistanis to get out of the biggest nightmare of the Nano SIM issue.

When the iPhone 5 was introduced by Apple, the biggest issue was of the Nano SIM that they introduced with it. Every one around the world stated to murmur about the iPhone 5 Nano SIM that how they will get one and when will it be available on different carriers. Many carriers started to sell Nano SIM Cards along with the iPhone 5 worldwide. Unfortunately, some countries left the iPhone 5 in dark because of the Nano SIM Card issue. Some countries couldn’t meet the demand of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards in such limited time. Therefore, they didn’t announce the iPhone 5 sales. However, Pakistan is one of the countries where the iPhone is not officially launched by Apple. Only specific products of Apple are officially launched and are sold by Apple’s authorized retailers and resellers located in different locations of the country.

This limitation of the Apple products in Pakistan doesn’t stop the Apple enthusiastic from buying a product that is not officially launched. We all know about the bitter truth that by hook or crook the shopkeepers bring in Apple products unofficially that are not officially available. The only product of Apple that is not officially launched in Pakistan, but also in several countries is the iPhone. The iPhone is the only smartphone that is not available officially in several countries including Pakistan. Somehow, people are so addicted to the iPhone’s and its upcoming generation’s that they get hands on it before the world gets hands on it. It happened with the iPhone 5.

Ufone Nano SIM in Pakistan


However, surviving the competition in this advanced technological era, Ufone Pakistan today sent out an SMS to all the users across Pakistan using Ufone with a good news about the availability of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM exclusively on its carrier. The SMS sent by Ufone Pakistan is as follows:

Great News for all the iPhone 5 users, iPhone 5 Compatible Nano SIMs are now available at LHR (Lahore), KHI (Karachi), and ISL (Islamabad) Ufone Service Centers.

What is the price of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM Provided by Ufone?

We are not sure about the iPhone 5 Nano SIM price offered by Ufone. We think the price would be around 500-800 PKR for the iPhone 5 Nano SIM by Ufone. If the price is more than 500 PKR, then don’t wasted money on buying a new Nano SIM. You can get your original Micro or Macro SIM Card cropped by the Shop Keepers for about 500 PKR.

Many people and blogs are stating that the original SIM Cards cannot be made as Nano SIM Card because of the new thinness and small size of the iPhone 5 Nano SIM Card. We would disagree with this point. The normal SIM Card can be converted as a Nano SIM Card with the help of iPhone 5 Nano SIM Card Cutter.

We have personally cropped the SIM Card of Telenor Pakistan that was a normal one to Micro at the time of iPhone 4/4S and made it Nano SIM for the iPhone 5. The Nano SIM Card converted from Micro to Nano is working 100% fine.

 How to Get the Normal or Micro SIM Cropped to use With the iPhone 5 and from where in Pakistan?

We don’t know about all the places in Pakistan, we are aware of the Nano SIM Cutting in limited areas. The iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cutting is available in Karachi, Islamabad, and few other cities.

If you are living in Karachi and want to crop your existing SIM Card to make it a Nano SIM to use it with the iPhone 5, we got a special discount offer for you. You can avail a special discount of 40% off on Nano SIM Cutting by only using TechGluedas the referral.

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Finally yet importantly, special thanks to Haris Khan and Abbas Haider for the quick heads up regarding the Ufone iPhone 5 Nano SIM availability.

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