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“Explore the Galaxy” with Samsung for the First time in Pakistan

The land of opportunities is now getting some real time opportunities for the first time in 65 years. This is going to be a historic moment for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those countries where every kind of cell phone is being used starting from top niche to lower niche depending on the niche of people. In the op niche we can count in the iPhone, Galaxy Series by Samsung, Blackberry, and other brand phones that are mostly based on Android. The lower niche contains some low priced Android Phones that are being used by about 30% of the youngster because the prices are low of the phones and they are affordable b them.

Apart from the price, specs, and looks, people are using iPhone, Galaxy series as well. The same lineups of the smart phones out which one is officially launched and the other one is not. No need to make wild guesses because every one knows that the iPhone is not officially launched and the smart phone series of Galaxy by Samsung is officially launched in Pakistan. Therefore, Samsung Electronics Limited Pakistan taking the full advantage of its official launch of smart phones, today announced a Road Show named, “Explore the Galaxy” across Pakistan.


This newly announced road show; “Explore the Galaxy” was inaugurated by the Business Head of “IM” Division Samsung Electronics LTD Pakistan, Roy Chang in collaboration with Business Head of Mobile Phone Division Samsung Electronics LTD Pakistan, Farid ullah Jan in Lahore.

What is the Aim of “Explore the Galaxy” with Samsung?

The main of the event, “Explore the Galaxy” with Samsung is acknowledging the people of Pakistan about the latest technology that is being used by Samsung and how can it help them in their daily life tasks. In addition, the road show aims to provide customers the experience of newly launched devices by giving them a chance to do a hands on with those devices live at the event.

What Devices would be placed at “Explore the Galaxy Event”?

Officially, we don’t know about the list of devices that are going to be placed at the “Explore the Galaxy” event, but we can give out some wild guess for the devices according to our experience.

According to us the devices that should be or will be placed at this “Explore the Galaxy” event will include the lineups of

  1. Galaxy S3
  2. Galaxy Note 1
  3. Galaxy Note 2
  4. Galaxy S2
  5. Galaxy Y
  6. Galaxy Ace
  7. Galaxy Duos

We highly expect the availability of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II to be available on the “Explore the Galaxy” event by Samsung in Pakistan. These are the two most advanced technical devices ever released by Samsung.

What are the Cities of Pakistan in which the Road Show of “Explore the Galaxy” will be held?

As far as the cities of Pakistan are concerned, the road show of “Explore the Galaxy” would take place in three major cities starring, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. We think the event has been inaugurated in Lahore and next is Islamabad. Following Islamabad, the event of “Explore the Galaxy” would be coming to Karachi and we cannot wait for this event to arrive in Karachi.

The time span of the road show of “Explore the Galaxy” by Samsung is said to one Month which is further divided into 4 weeks for above mentioned three major cities. This means the road show will stay for about 10-12 weeks per city.

We would highly recommend every one living in Pakistan to visit this road show by Samsung despite the fact that you love Apple or hate Samsung. This is a lifetime opportunity to do hands on something that we cannot have until we buy them. We really hope that the road show of “Explore the Galaxy” will motivate many youngsters, professionals, and who ever is interested in the cell phone category to be motivated and stay up to date with the advancement that is being made in the technology these days.

If you got some snaps of the road show, “Explore the Galaxy” by Samsung, then don’t hesitate to share with us. We would love to share the event pictures with the world. Moreover, your experience of the road show would be highly appreciated. Just hit us an email by our contact us section and get featured on TechGlued.

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