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Fingerprint Scanner iPhone 5S Combination Seems Legit by Apple

Fingerprint Scanner iPhone 5S. These two things make a great combination in near future and amazingly Apple is working on this technology to include it in the upcoming iPhone 5S.

When it comes to innovation, Apple is the first name that people take because it is the only company that knows about how to make the design work of their smart phones. Following the same legacy of making a design work, Apple is planning something new and innovative in the upcoming flagship of the iPhone 5S. This something is the technology that we cannot think of implementing it or we cannot see if coming into a smart phone for next three to four years because this technology is constrained to Laptops for security purpose. The name of this technology is Fingerprint scanner that is going to debut in the iPhone 5S.

It seems that the update of the letter “S” in an iPhone is a magical update because it has brought many overhauls in the iPhone series. If we recall the update of iPhone 3GS from iPhone 3G, it was just a refresher, then from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 was major over haul in the iPhone series from design to iOS.  After that the “S” update in the iPhone series, arrived the iPhone 4S. The update of the iPhone 4S didn’t bring any major change other than the personal virtual assistant called “SIRI”. After the arrival of iPhone 4S, Apple releases the iPhone 5 with a major change in the design and size of the iPhone in history. Apple moved from traditional 3.5-inch screen to 4-inch.


Now coming back to the magical letter of “S” in the iPhone series, analysts are predicting that Apple is going to introduce Fingerprint Scanner iPhone 5S technology that will urge the users to buy iPhone 5S. Moreover, to introduce something new and innovative in the new iPhone is the habit of Apple, so people can buy the new iPhone as soon as it debuts.

“We believe fingerprint identification technology will be part of the iPhone 5S and this is likely to be the major new feature used to market the iPhone 5S, similar to what Siri was to the iPhone 4S,” Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White wrote in a research note on Friday. – BGR

We are skeptical about the arrival of Fingerprint Scanner in the iPhone 5S because it will be a major over haul in the iPhone series and we don’t believe that Apple will do this change with an update of the letter “S”.

However, on the other hand we shouldn’t forget that Apple did acquired a security firm called AuthenTec for $356 Million. AuthenTec is well-known for its security services like Fingerprint scanners, touch tips, and security technologies. Therefore, we can expect the arrival of fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S because Apple has spent a whooping $356 Million and the Cupertino company can introduce Fingerprint Scanner technology in the upcoming iPhone 5S.

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