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GEVEY Ultra 5.1 Used SAM Unlock Method to Sell for $50

We all are aware of the most famous unlocking SIM Card Interposer called GEVEY SIM and the official Seller of it, Apple N Berry. The company is now a well renowned company and many people are using its GEVEY SIM to unlock their iPhone worldwide. Recently, they came across the Unlock for iPhone on iOS 5.1 with a new version of their GEVEY ULTRA which was supposed to unlock iPhone 4 GSM on iOS 5.1. Amazingly, the update they released was when the SAMPREF Unlocking was released in wild and World was trying to unlock their locked iPhone on to different basebands.

While this method was in progress for SAM, Apple N Berry released GEVEY ULTRA for $50 that aimed to unlock the new baseband on iOS 5.1 which is 4.12.01. Unfortunately, on Friday the 27th, they started to refund the Orders for GEVEY ULTRA for iOS 5.1 for iPhone 4. The amazing thing is that, it is the same day when we reported that SAMPREF Unlocking method has been closed by Apple. This makes any sense to you or does this hint you towards anything?

Well, not yet and it was not known to us until, @Sherif_Hashim, the Baseband hacker Tweeted a breaking news on his Twitter account stating that Apple N Berry actually used the Loktar_Sun method in their new GEVEY ULTRA to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1 baseband and sold the SIM for $50. Though the bug was totally free of cost and was widely available on the web with easy guides. On the other hand, Apple N Berry was using the same exploit in their SIM interposers for unlock for iOS 5.1 and selling for $50. This is the biggest scam a person can never imagine done by a well renowned company.

Today Apple N Berry on a blog post on their website has stated that they are issuing refunds for GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 SKU GV-00-0010 which used the SAM unlock method and is not patched by Apple. All other Gevey SIM interposers will work on previous basebands as reported before. The new GEVEY ULTRA for iOS 5.1 has been recalled only.

If you became the victim of this scam, please confirm any new unlock provided by these SIM Interposers from reliable people to stay safe from these types of scams. From next time, to stay from these type of scams, first have some information about unlock that is being provided to you and make sure to ask someone about unlock. Things that are for free shall not be charged by any one because it is against the rules of hard works. They work hard for unlock for people and release it for free. Sometimes, companies use the same thing to earn some bucks. This is really bad and shameful.

We are not against any company and don’t hate any one or are not biased against any one. This article has been written for educational purpose of all those who don’t know about the unlock things and are easily fooled by renowned companies.The purpose of this article is not to hurt any ones feeling or reputation.
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