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Google Maps for iOS is in Alpha Stage Confirms the Leaked Images

The users of iOS 6 would be aware of the fact that Google Maps App is now longer available on their iDevices because Apple kicked Google Maps App from iOS 6 to bring in their own Maps.App with new features. The new features that Apple introduced were of 3D Maps and Flyover. A part from these two innovative features, Apple also introduced turn-by-turn navigation with Voice. These things were missing from the original Google’s Map for iOS. The option of Turn-by-turn Navigation is available on Google’s Map for Android and not for the iOS version. To eliminate this difference between the iOS and Android, Apple planned to take the Maps.App to a completely new level.

In order to take the Maps.App to a completely new level, Apple had to build the Maps.App from scratch. After finishing the Maps.App for iOS 6, Apple wasn’t aware of the misleading, missing, or scattered directions being shown in the iOS 6 Maps. This issue became known when about 60% of the iDevice users updated to iOS 6 and started to use redesigned Maps.App. When this issue became known, Apple’s C.E.O, Tim Cook responded on this issue with a statement. The statement stated to use their competitors Maps for the time being, until Apple fixes the issue of the Map.App.

While the iOS 6 Maps issue was on the verge, we were hearing about a stand alone Google’s Map App coming for iOS. The news surfaced the Internet as a rumor and later on, it was declined by the team of Google that they don’t have any plans for the release of Google’s Map for iOS. It was highly anticipated that the Google’s Map App is waiting for Approval in the App Store. The Approval news of the Google Maps for iOS vanished from the market like a ghost.

The speculation of whether or not Google is planning to release a standalone version of the iOS Google’s Map ended today. Today a developer posted some images of the Google Maps for iOS on his blog stating that the images were found in his log. The images are blurry, but somewhat visible and one can clearly see the drawings done in the images.







According to Ben Guild, who posted the images of Google Maps for iOS, the Google Maps for iOS is in Alpha version. This Alpha version of Google Maps for iOS includes the following features:

  • It’s vector-based.
  • It has two-finger rotation to any angle.
  • It’s super fast.
  • 4-inch height of the iPhone 5 is supported!

A part from the above features of the Google Maps App for iOS, it has come into consideration that the Alpha version of the Google Maps is fast and designed for the iPhone 5. The Alpha version easily fits on to the screen of the iPhone 5. This means that Google is working hard on the standalone map for the iOS. It would be nice to see stock Google Maps App back in the Apple Store despite the completion between the two companies. The release of Google Maps App will solve many issues for Apple.

While Google is working on the standalone package of the Maps App, you can see our complete guide on how to get Stock Google’s Map back onto iOS 6 from here.

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