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iCrime Increased by 40%, Warning Issued by NYPD to iProduct Owners

Apple iDevices are one of the best selling devices around the globe and to purchase them, people line up weeks before the new product is going to launch by Apple. To lineup outside the Apple Store to get a new product is very fascinating. Every one loves to stand outside the Apple from about a week before the new product is set on sale. We can say that to form a line outside the Apple Store in order to buy a new product has become a tradition. Every new owner of the Apple Device loves to wait for the launch of the new product and wants to get it the same day it is available on sale. This love of people towards Apple iDevices cannot be measured.

However, we can say that this extreme love for Apple products has spread from real owners to snatchers even. They so love the Apple products, mainly the iPhone and the iPod that they cannot hesitate to have one the illegal way that is snatching from the real owner on different locations. This increment in love for Apple products has increased the crime rate by 40% in U.S.A of Apple iDevices only. This increment of Apple iDeivces stealing has made 4% advancement in the level of normal robbery. This means that the Apple Devices as iPhones and iPad’s are the most stolen Devices in U.S.A. The robbery of Apple devices increased 40% from the period of Jan 1 until September 23.


Today Gothamist has provided the real-time number of NYPD’s stats relate to iCrime.

– 204% of the 1% in overall increase in burglaries, an increase of 250 burglary incidents overall v an increase of 511 incidents in which Apple products were burgled;

– 160% of the 4% increase in robberies overall, an increase of 606 robbery incidents overall v an increase of 968 incidents in which Apple products were robbed;

– 69% of the 9% increase in grand larcenies overall, an increase of 2,600 grand larcenies overall, of which 1,803 involved Apple products.


The above video is made by the NYPD to show about how the iCrimes can take place when you’re on subway or going anywhere on the streets. Therefore, police wants the iProduct owners to stay safe and alert whenever they are on the streets. The iProduct owners are advised to see their surroundings carefully and stay away from danger points as shown in the video above. Not only the iProduct owners are the victims of robbers, the fancy gadget owners like Droid users are also on the target.

This is not the first time we will be hearing about a robbery of iProducts, we have seen many times in the past about the iPhone been stolen or the iPad was stolen. Recently, we reported about a robbery that took place in the U.K and Japan preceding the iPhone 5 launch. In the recent robbery, the iPhone 5’s were the main target of the robbers. Huge amounts of iPhone 5’s were stolen across the globe before the iPhone 5 sales could start.

Therefore, for the safety of our beloved reader having an iPhone, iPad, or any Android Devices, we would recommend to enable the Find My iPhone feature on Apple iDevices and Find My Mobile Feature on Android Devices. This will help you a lot in near future. Incase your Device is stolen, you can located the Device with the help of these features and report it to Police. They will for sure help you in recovering the device with the robbers.

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