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Philip Schiller Official Statement on iPhone 5 Scratches and Chips

The day iPhone 5 went on sale, some people started to complain about scratches and chips found on the iPhone 5 unibody in Black and Slate Color. Where as the White and Silver color had no issues reported in the same matter. The brand new iPhone 5 in Black and Slate Color was reported to be having some scratches around the top corner when taken out of the box. Many people thought the reason would be the increase in the production of the iPhone 5, as the overwhelming demand for the iPhone 5 is in progress. Apple was out of stock on September 14, when they started the first pre-orders. According to the report issued later on stated that Apple has sold two million iPhone 5’s in just twenty-four hours.

In those twenty-four hours, Apple ran out of stock. Then on September 21, the iPhone 5 went on sale and again it went out stock, where as the pre-orders shipment was delayed from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 weeks. However, those who got the iPhone 5 in Black and Slate Color reported some chips on the top of the iPhone 5. Therefore, a reader of 9to5mac took the initiative to mail the Senior Vice President of Apple regarding the issue that people are having on the black iPhone 5.

Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

The reader Alex mailed to the S.V.P of Apple to aware about the issue that people are facing and was wondering if Apple got some solution for this issue. Amazingly, Philip Schiller replied to his E-Mail stating that this is normal on the aluminum product. It will get scratches and Chips when using it normally

Over here, many of you would curse or disagree with the statement of Apple by saying waste of money etc. Before you start to curse or start to think that you wasted your money on this aluminum piece of crap, we would recommend you to see the drop test of the iPhone 5 that was done the day it was launched. After the drop test, MJ of iFixit did an iPhone 5 back scratch test.

iPhone 5 Rear Case Scratch Test


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