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Infantile Rescued from a Well in China with the help of an iPhone

We have seen in past that an iPhone has helped the police to locate a thief with the help of Find My iPhone service introduced by Apple. This time an iPhone helped the Fireman in China’s Yunnan district where a Two-year old toddler was stuck in a 40-foot well. While conducting the rescue operation, the kid failed to attach with the rescue cable designed for adults. Then the team of fire fighter lowered an iPhone to get the visual of the situation and they can perform the action more precisely.

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The report comes from a British News Website; Telegraph reported that the emergency services were called after the crying of a child was heard by the villagers near China’s Mengzi City.

During the tricky rescue operation the young boy kept slipping out of rescue harnesses that were designed for adults.

But in a twist of ingenuity, the team lowered an Apple iPhone with a video camera allowing them to see the boy’s position.

The close-up recordings are used to better position the ropes around his small body, allowing them to pull the distressed child to safety.

When the child was retrieved from the 40-foot well, he was taken to hospital immediately for further care. No major injuries were reported. You can see the video below of the complete rescue work done by the Fire Fighters to rescue the Toddler from the 40-foot well.


All we can say is special thanks to Apple for making an iPhone and the Fire Fighters for using an iPhone to save the life of that toddler. This isn’t the initial time we would be hearing about an iPhone saved a life. In past iPhone’s Find My iPhone service has been useful for police to track down the thief’s. This must be the first time for the Fire Fighters to use an iPhone to save a small life.

via cultofmac.

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