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Installous App Ruling the AppStore for Just $2.99 – Inside Story

At the start of 2013, the most famous App that came after Jailbreaking was taken offline called INSTALLOUS by HACKULOUS. This Application of INSTALLOUS used to help people in downloading cracked paid Applications from its own website maintained by Hackulous Staff. It was one of the most downloaded and used Application by the iPhone/iPod/iPad users all around the world. Every one who used to jailbreak would download this Application at first by adding the repo of INSTALLOUS. Even after being the most downloaded Application around the world, it came to an end on December 31, 2012 when the makers of INSTALLOUS announced that they are going to turn on the kill switch for this Application to put piracy to an end.

Soon after the kill switch of INSTALLOUS was turned on, the program stopped working and showed an error stating that it is out of date. This step to stop piracy from the Jailbreak world might have sadden many hearts, but on the same time, it opened an opportunity for App Developers to play with those saddened hearts with the same name, but with different UI and Features.

People searching for the INSTALLOUS Application on Google landed on this Application of the same name as of Installous and with somewhat similar design on the AppStore purchased it for $2.99 because it seemed a bit similar to INSTALLous, the piracy App. After buying and using the Application of INSTALLOUS, people started to complain about it because it never allowed piracy and was very different from the Jailbreak version of INSTALLOUS.



Whereas, the Application of Installous present in the AppStore clearly states that it is an App related to puzzle in which you need to combine the gears of some color that explode them and you win the game.

It’s a great app for your device – Installous!


In this puzzle you need to combine gears of the same color That explode them and won the points! With each level you need to get more and more scores! But there are the bonuses, Which helps you to get more score! Good luck!


The name and background of the App is similar to the pirate jailbreak App INSTALLOUS. The design mainly drags people into misleading and making them pay off a huge amount of $2.99 that is not worth it to pay for this simple Application.

In order to make our readers aware of the fact about this Application and to provide more details about this Application, we downloaded INSTALLOUS Application from the AppStore to reveal the inside story about it that what is really inside in this Application.

Inside Story of Installous Application on the AppStore:

The inside story of Installous Application available on the AppStore for purchase at $2.99 is very amazing. The name might sound interesting before the purchase, but when you have done the purchase and downloaded the Application, you will for sure burst out because the name of the Application is not INSTALLOUS in real time.

The name of the Application INSTALLOUS is Gears in real-time. Upon downloading the Application from the AppStore, we found out that the name of INSTALLOUS was used for fun and to grab hot cash. When we downloaded the Application, it came with the name of Gears, which means the real name of the application is Gears and not Installous. Hence, the advertisement done on the AppStore is purely misleading and fake.




After paying the amount of $2.99, all you get is a useless game of puzzle that is not even worth a $0.01. We believe this App should be available free or not even free. The main aim of this post was to inform you about the inside story of this fake App and why it is priced at $2.99 and not below. Other than this, beware of the fake Apps arriving on the AppStore with the name of Jailbreak Tweaks or so at a high price. These Apps are approved to deceive the customers to get some hot cash from them.

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