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iOS 6 Beta 3 Expires September 30, iOS 6 Beta 4 Landing in Two Weeks?

Newly released iOS 6 Beta 3 will expire on September 30, 2012 at 8PM (EST). This news was told by the one and only iOS hacker called, ih8sn0w. Till now every one must have known him very well. If not, so, he is the developer behind Sn0wbreeze, iFaith, Forecast, and some other Tools that we use in our Daily life for Jailbreak purpose. This famous iOS Hacker is the first one to state the expiry date of every new iOS Betas when ever they are released. Continuing the history, he once again told the expiry date of iOS 6 Beta 3 that Apple released this Monday.


Two weeks back when we got the iOS 6 Beta 2, we expected the release of this iOS 6 Beta 3 to be on previous Monday, 10thof July. Unfortunately, the release was delayed. The release was set for third weeks’ Monday that is today.

After the release was delayed, this time we are not going to provide with any specific date because Apple has taken too long to release their new iOS 6 Beta. It took them three weeks to release the third beta. Nevertheless, we still expect the next Beta to come after two weeks.

This new build of iOS 6 Beta seems to be more stable than the previous version of the iOS 6 Beta 2 and it seems that Apple has inserted in some new features in the iOS 6 Beta 3 build. You can see all the change log here. If you need to download iOS 6 Beta 3, you can download from here.

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