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iPad Mini Leaked Photos Gets a Closer Look (Images)

It is expected that Apple would be announcing the upcoming member of the family by next week. The new member of the family would be named, “iPad Mini/Air”. Before Apple could plan for an official launch of the iPad Mini by the start of the next week, we have already seen the mockups of the iPad Mini before the official launch goes live. Living in the world of Apple Technology where products are innovated after a year and is leaked prior to the month of announcement is ordinary. Every time Apple plans to announce a new product lineup, it is leaked few months before the official launch. This has been happening with every Apple product.

As we all know that the iPad Mini is on the horizon and the leaks are on the verge like always. Following the leaks regarding the iPad Mini from the scratch, today we came across some snap shots of a closer look of the iPad Mini Mockup posted by Sonny Dickson on his Twitter account. The snapshots posted by him show a closer look of the iPad Mini Mockup in comparison with the New iPad (iPad 3).



The above mockups of the iPad Mini compared with the iPad 3 shows clearly that Apple has planned for the same iPhone 5 dock and the same speaker grill for the iPad Mini. Moreover, the shape of the iPad Mini is more like of the iPod Touch 5.

However, the diminished icon on the iPad Mini renderings gives us an idea of how the iPad Mini will look like. On the same hand it tells us about the mockups are the same that we have been seeing in the past.

The story of the mockups doesn’t end here. Thought the mockups of the iPad Mini bring a new turn in the story. The mockups that we have seen above is of WIFI only and the one we are going to show you now would be of WIFI+3G or can be of 4G LTE.

The mockup of the iPad Mini shown above is the one compatible with 3G services or possible 4G LTE Service. Few hours back we told you about the possibility of 4G LTE coming to the iPad Mini. This closer look of the iPad Mini Mockup puts more weight on the possibility of the iPad Mini 4G LTE Model showing up the next week. As we have seen that Apple has changed the size, design, dock, and the speaker grill in the iPad Mini, we can expect 4G LTE Technology to come in the iPad Mini as well.

What do you people think about iPad Mini 4G LTE Model, Makes sense?

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