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iPhone 3GS Gears Used in iPhone 5 Leaked Design With a Prevailing Turn

iPhone 5 release is around the corner and the rumors aren’t cooling down. Today RepairLabs enclosed an iPhone 5 leaked design front component assembly that was leaked few days back. This leaked front panel of the iPhone 5 shows metal brackets similar to the iPhone 3GS pointing out towards a small dock connector. The metal brackets look similar as of the iPhone 3GS, but they will be updated with the latest technology to perfectly fit with the iPhone 5.


Moreover, the report from RepairLab also notes that the Dock Connector would be smaller because it has to fit between the two silver bottom screws.


The leaked part also shows a mid-frame made of plastic that is running around digitizer and glass LCD assembly looks familiar as of the iPhone 3GS.


The above shows a clear view of the mid-frame and the three flex cables of the iPhone 5 leaked design. The mid-frame is supposedly made of plastic.

We believe that Apple is going back to its old iPhone 3GS to make the iPhone 5 out of it. All the iPhone 5 leaked design’s portrayed the same image as shown above, but none showed more clear picture of the iPhone 5 leaked design components like these one. However, the saying “Old is Gold” applies here perfectly in the case of iPhone 5 leaked design.

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