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Alleged iPhone 5 4-inch Screen Demoed (Video)

This year Apple is going to break the tradition of a 3.5-inch screen and will make a new 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5. This means, we will be seeing an iPhone 5 with a whole new look of a bigger screen than the previous models of iPhone’s. This new bigger screen would carry a new resolution of 1136×640. This new resolution will provide the facility of using vertical space more by the Apps. The iPhone 5 4-inch screen would be taller only and not wider. In deed, the resolution of the upcoming iPhone 5 is already supported by the future of iOS that is in Beta version these days.

The future of iOS is no other than iOS 6. There is a feature in iOS 6 called automated scaling that automatically scales the Apps on the alleged resolution of 1136×640.

To be more specific, Macrumors made a video on how a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen on the purported resolution would look like.



The above video gives us a clear idea about how the Apps on a 4-inch iPhone 5 would look like. The Games would need an updated to work perfectly on the iPhone 5. Rest everything is seems good on the iPhone 5. However, this isn’t the first time we are seeing a demo of a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen. Few weeks back, we showed you a demo of Ninja Fish, the first iOS game to be demoed on a 4-inch Screen.

The developer of Ninja Fish used the same resolution that Macrumors used today to portrayed a 4-inch iPhone 5.

The video demonstration doesn’t mean that the iPhone 5 would carry the same result. The video only adds guesswork regarding the alleged 4-inch display.

However, Apple will put an end to all the rumors on September 12by unveiling the iPhone 5. Following the iPhone 5 Launch, Apple has planned another Media Event for iPad Mini launch.

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