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iPhone 3GS Stock Will Halt After iPhone 5, Low Stock Warning by Apple

Ahead of the iPhone 5 announcement on September 12, Apple has sent a letter to its Genius Bar Employees to halt the iPhone 3GS stock until further notice. Apple has told the employees to lower the iPhone 3GS and make it more reduced. By the time the stock would be reduced, the following services would be offered to the iPhone 3GS owners by Genius Bar employees.

Screen repairs

Discuss the advantages of buying a new iPhone

Swapping out the full iPhone 3GS hardware.


After making the iPhone 3GS stock level low, Apple tells the store employees to replace the pretentious iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4 only if the stock is totally out for the iPhone 3GS. This means if the iPhone 3GS not available in the Store, so the employees can offer an iPhone 4 in the place of that broken iPhone 3GS.

However, the iPhone 3GS has completed full 3 years of success and the time is now over for the iPhone 3GS. The time has come for the iPhone 3GS to diminish from the market. The iPhone 3GS was announced back in 2009. After the announcement of iPhone 3GS, analyst assumed that it would end after the launch of 2012’s iPhone. Therefore, Apple is planning to put an end to the iPhone 3GS. With the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple putted an end to the iPhone 3G Models and now it is time for the iPhone 3GS Models to get off the sales line.

It is not official that the iPhone 3GS Stock would be ended by Apple after the iPhone 5 or Apple would continue the iPhone 3GS Models because iOS 6 is supported on the iPhone 3GS Models. We ponder that Apple will limit iOS 6 on the iPhone 3GS Limited Stock and then close the iPhone 3GS Stock.

Even though the iPhone 3GS is selling at $0 with a two years contract in U.S.A. therefore it seems that Apple will end the iPhone 3GS stock after the iPhone 5 launch. After closing the iPhone 3GS stock, Apple might place the iPhone 4 8GB model at the same price of the iPhone 3GS 8GB Model. This means, the iPhone 4 8GB model that accounts for $50 as of now would be available at $0 with a two years contract and the iPhone 4 16GB models would be discontinued. Only iPhone 4 8GB Models would be used for sale.

This myth of iPhone 4 8GB Model at $0 sounds slightly legit.

What do you people think over the iPhone 3GS Stock outage and iPhone 4 priced at $0 with a two-years contract? looks good or bad?


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