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Alleged iPhone 5S Images Leaked Prior to 2013’s Official launch

It is very early to even think about the iPhone 5S because Apple hasn’t launched the iPhone 5 properly around the globe. The age of the iPhone 5 is almost three years old that is not even equal to the traditional one year of age. In the month of December, Apple has some plans to expand the iPhone 5 sales to further fifty more countries, which can be in danger now because of this fresh iPhone 5S rumor. This is not the first rumor about the iPhone 5S that we will be hearing about, this would be the second rumor regarding the iPhone 5S.

The first rumor regarding the iPhone 5S surfaced in the third week of November stating that the iPhone 5S would go into trial production in December along with early 2013 unveiling. This early rumor of the iPhone 5S now seems to be legit because a website forum called iPhone5parts leaked the backside shell of the alleged iPhone 5S. The backside shell of the iPhone 5S is similar as of the iPhone 5. There is only a minor difference between both of them. The iPhone 5’s and the iPhone 5S rear shell portrays a change in the position of screws and sides as shown in the picture below:



However, the back panel of the iPhone 5S is similar as of the existing iPhone 5. It is widely expected that this unit could be a high copy of the iPhone 5 made by Chinese or it can be a testing unit by Apple that went into wrong hands. As for now, the authenticity of this claim cannot be verified. It is too early to say anything about this iPhone 5S image leaked. Like always, the time will take us to the perfect rumors and perfect leaks for the iPhone 5S. As always, this time also expect an arrival of the iPhone 5S by Apple. Apple had released iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, and now iPhone 5S after iPhone 5.

In other words, we can say that Apple has setup a trend of the “S” series in the lineup of the iPhone’s. The year after the initial launch of an iPhone, there is a “S” Series waiting for it to come the next year of the preceding launch.

While we are confirming the authenticity of the iPhone 5S images leaked today, stay tuned with us for more information, and don’t believe in this leaked image for the time being. It is possible that the leaked image could be of the iPhone 5S because Apple has kept the same Design in past for the “S” Series with some minor hardware changes.

If you are planning to buy an iPhone 5, we would recommend you to wait for sometime because the iPhone 5S rumors have started to emerge and we don’t want our readers to get annoyed because they bought an iPhone 5 recently. The iPhone 5S wont come soon. Therefore, relax and stay up to date with all the latest rumors.

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