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Join in Olympics 2012 With Join In App for iOS and Android

On 27 July 2012 the game of Thrones, Olympics started in full swing with the traditional torch light opening ceremony in London. People from around the globe are participating in the Olympics of 2012 and their respective country people would be keeping an eye on the participants representing their respective countries. There are 204 nations participating in Olympics 2012. They would be playing 26 sports in 302 events. Now, no one can keep a count of all the sports and one cannot be at every sport at a time. One can only be available at one place at a time.

The Olympics of 2012 would be having 302 events and it would be difficult for a person to grasp all the events at one time. Therefore, in this case one can miss an event because of another one going on. In addition, the other major issue could be faced by a person could be of the place of stadium of a particular game. If some one needs to see Swimming, so at which stadium he needs to go for the particular event.

To coup up with all of the problems, The London Organizing Committee of Olympics made an App for you people to keep an eye on the Olympics of 2012. In this advance era of Technology, where smarts phones work as a computer will help you keep an eye on the Olympics 2012 games and events with the help of this handy app called Join In App for the Olympics. This handy App is like a pocket guide for the Olympic Games 2012.


Join In App for the Olympics simply allows you stay up to date with all the latest events going in London, lets you see live updates regarding Olympics, shows you detailed MAPS, lets you plan your Journey with the best route available and much more. The best part about this App is that it is updated regularly with new updates and features when ever available.


To stay up to date with Olympics 2012, you don’t need to hangout at London to see Olympics. You can download this App on your Favorite platform free of cost. The App is available free on iOS and Android.

You can the App for free from below:

Download Join In App for the Olympics for iOS

Download Join In App for the Olympics for Android

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