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Justin Bieber Lawyers Sent a Notice to Joustin’ Beaver App Maker

This must be one of your favorite news of the day. Every one of you must be aware of this young age singer who is very much popular in the world. Many of you might love him or hate him. According to surveys around the web, most of people hate him. The name of this young pop star/R&B is Justin Bieber. This little kid was born in 1994 in Canada and became the R&B / Pop star in 2008. That’s a big achievement made by him. He is not only famous in positive way but he is also famous in negative way.

He has become so popular that even the Game Developers decided to make a game on him. That’s true. The mobile game created as a parody of Justin Bieber named as Joustin’ Beaver for iOS and Android got a cease and desist order from the lawyers of Justin Bieber.

A letter was issued to the developer RC 3of the App Joustin’ Beaver stating that they got two days to take down the App from the AppStore. The App is humiliating our client rights.

 “Please be advised, at no time has our Client, our Client’s parental guardian, or our Client’s designated representatives entered into an agreement with you or your related business entities, or otherwise granted permission to you or any third party, to create the App,” the Rosenberg writes. “Further, I am not aware that you made any inquiry or gesture to contact our Client’s representatives to obtain such authorization. Accordingly, you have no right to utilize our Client’s name, image, likeness, life story or identity in or in connection with the App.”

In the letter above the lawyer points out towards the client’s name, image, likeness, life story or identity in or in connection with the App is something strange or the lawyers don’t know what they are saying. The name of the App is different and somewhat resembles with the name of Justin Bieber.

RC 3 defending the case replied that:

“The game is a parody and is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Nowhere in the game is Justin Bieber’s name, photo, image, or life story mentioned.”

The Developer of the App, Joustin’ Beaver admitted that the App is parody of Justin Bieber but they never used Justin Bieber’s name, photo, image or life story in the game. They have used an image of a Beaver with Justin Bieber’s alike purple clothes on it with a B stick in his hand.

The game doesn’t includes the music or anything related to Justin Biber, but it contains alike name Joustin’ Beaver which goes up the river popping wild hogs up.


The cost of the App is $0.99 in the AppStore. The developer of Joustin’ Beaver aren’t taking the App off shelve for now, you can download and enjoy the App before it is gone. You can download the App from iTunes Link. The App is an universal App.

Do let us know if you downloaded the game and have played it yet. How was your experience with the App.


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