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Pioneering Haptic Display Coming to iPad 3 Rumor Adds More Heat (Report)

Only few hours are left for the release of iPad 3 and last moment rumor added so much heat that people cannot resist to see the upcoming iPad 3 and get their hands on it. The last minute rumor complies with a company called Senseg. This company is a leader in Haptic Displays. The Haptic Display allows you to read text on screen and it simply makes touch screens into Feel Screens. User of the touch screen tablet can touch and feel the display of the tablet he is using. In other words, the display is somewhat likely to a 3D screen.

The rumor it self-arises from the Apple’s Media Invitation’s tag line in which they stated:

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

Over the words, See and Touch relate to this Senseg company believing that Apple might come up with this new technology in their iPad 3 allowing users to see and touch the texture on the iPad.

The speculation about this Senseg didn’t come out from nowhere, though it was out for some time and was not highlighted by any one so far. It was The Guardian who broke the news about this Haptic Display after having talks with the Senseg Executives former this year.

When the Guardian met Senseg’s chiefs in their Helsinki offices in January, its directors declined to say whether they had spoken to Apple about the use of the technology in the iPad – but said they were talking to tablet manufacturers. […] 

But asked this week whether Apple is a customer for the E-Sense technology, Petri Jehkonen, Senseg’s technical marketing manager, declined to comment. Asked whether Apple is not a customer, he replied: “That would be for Apple to say. My comment is no comment.”

Following The Guardian, The Next Web also came in action and found out something about the Haptic Display for iPad 3. They also shaded some light on the Haptic Glass for iPad 3.

The bits and pieces that I’ve managed to uncover are tantalizing and have led me to believe that at least one major new feature that we have not seen before on an Apple device before will make an appearance on the new tablet. 

I’ll be honest up front: I have been unable to nail down exactly what it is. […]

The most tantalizing and attractive possibility I could come up with was the introduction of a touch-feedback technology for the iPad’s display.

The Cupertino based company must in talks with Senseg because Apple works secretly and doesn’t even hints out at what they are working on. If Apple comes up with this new haptic technology, so they will for sure lead the market for another whole year. Let’s see in few hours that what Apple comes up with.

Only in few hours we will come to know about this rumor truthfulness. We have posted  a live stream link for the Media Event for our convenience.


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