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Samsung Working on a Smart Watch Called Galaxy Altius – Images Leaked

Samsung previously rumored the codename Altius to be of Galaxy S IV that is going to arrive in next month. According to the recent reports from SlashGear, the codename Altius is not of Galaxy S IV, indeed the code name of Altius is of a Smart Watch by Samsung called Galaxy Altius. The arrival of this Smart Watch is not confirmed because only few spy shots have ben leaked from the Korean message Board. The leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Altius puts on some weight to the heavily rumored iWatch by Apple in a way that Apple is planning to make an iWatch due to which Samsung has started to give some thoughts on a smart watch this year.



According to the leaked image above, it cannot be determined about what OS Samsung is planning to run on this Smart Watch. The OS running on this smart watch cannot be determined because the OS running on this smart watch isn’t clear. It is assumed that Samsung might have planned on making an in house OS to test on this smart watch and to run an Android OS on a smart watch isn’t complicated these days.


Moreover, on the top right corner, you can see the sign of SKT Korean Telekom running on this smart watch screen. This could mean that Altius might be able to run on its own data connection or help in tethering other devices via data connection. It is believed that Altius will feature a 500X500 Pixel resolution display.

via mashable

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