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Sony Invites for PlayStation 4 Release Date on June 10 After WWDC 13

Sony has recently dispatched E-Mails to the subscribers of Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date to join the company on June 10 after WWDC 13 to see PlayStation 4 Live.

Gamers around the globe and lovers of PlayStation 4, Mark the date of June 10 because this would be the only when you shouldn’t be playing games. The announcement of PlayStation 4 Release date is not the only reason due to which you shouldn’t be playing games, but the arrival of iOS 7 at WWDC 13 by Apple and the future talks of OS X make it the second reason for not playing games. WWDC 13 will kick of on June 10 at 10AM P.D.T. Where as PlayStation’s E3 conference will go live on the same day at 6PM P.D.T.


On June 10 2013, you mark two events on different timings because this year’s June 10 will rock the gaming and tech industry.

Before June 10 2013 could arrive on your calendar, Sony has already shared a glimpse of the future of its console, Sony PlayStation 4.

Get a Glimpse into the Future of Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date:

Before we proceed on to June 10 2013, lets recall the event of Sony PlayStation that was held in February, where Sony unveiled the controller of PlayStation 4 and didn’t show the actual console. Sony only displayed the PlayStation 4 controller with its specifications, functions, and new features that were added to it. In addition to the controller, Sony also demoed some beautiful games for PlayStation 4 and still didn’t show the console. The EU company had planned the release of the actual console later this year and the Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date is now set for June 10 at 6PM PDT.

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