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Sprint Salesman Insults a Customer over an iPhone Purchase (Reason)

The iPhone is grabbing some market share around the world and to stop it from achieving the target, the carriers are trying their level best to stop people from buying an iPhone. Different carriers are forcing the customers to buy a Galaxy S III or any other smart phone rather than an iPhone. This curios movement against the iPhone started few months ago when we reported about the first incident that happened with the iPhone’s. The incident was the removal of the iPhone’s from the shelves of different carriers against with its competitors and the store management asked the Sale’s staff to force the customer to buy another phone rather than the iPhone. If a customer forces to have an iPhone, simply say them that the iPhone is out of stock and they cannot do any thing about it.

However, today this activity of iPhone anti-buy program among different carriers was taken a completely new level. The initiative of this anti-iPhone purchase program was taken by Sprint whose Salesman clearly insulted the customer when he wanted to have an iPhone 4 as a free upgrade because he was eligible for the update. When the person asked the employee of Sprint to give him the free iPhone 4 that is out fashioned now, the Sprint Employee simply insulted the iPhone 4 by saying that the phone is “Sh*t” because it breaks too easily and it is small for too many users.

When the customer told the Sprint representative that he wanted to get an older iPhone 4 free as part of his upgrade, the representative called the device “a piece of s—” that breaks too easily and is too small for many users.

The sales person recommended the customer to go for a Samsung Galaxy S III because it is bigger than the iPhone 4. The customer simply refused. The refusal of the customer from buying a Galaxy S III made the Sales person to go further ahead on insulting the customer. The sales person in return said the customer that his fingers are fat to use an iPhone 4 and he needs a bigger display Smart Phone, so he can operate it accordingly.


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The reason over this subsidiary sale of iPhone over its competitors is the higher profit margins that the carriers get from the companies by the end of quarter as noted by BGR. The carriers are paying more to their salesman on the sale of non-Apple Phone rather than the sale of any Apple iPhone. The tactics used by the salesman of different carriers may vary from time to time, but these tactics are not going to work on any Apple iPhone lover because if you don’t have an iPhone, so you don’t have an iPhone. Other than this, to insult a customer doesn’t make a boost in the sales of that smart phone.

By the end of the day, the customer is gone like this guy did or the reputation of carrier is blown away because “The Customer is always Right”.

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