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Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone in an immaculate Way

Stride is a new tweak available on Jailbroken iDevices that allow you to unlock your iPhone screen in an innovative way. This Tweak has been made by the well-known Apple and Cydia developer called Adam Bell. Stride replaces the old fashioned numeric pass code lock with an 8-bit fashioned drawing for high security. Stride replaces the old-fashioned pass code lock screen with an innovative touch drawing pattern on which you can draw any number or alphabet and keep your custom password with the help of gestures. This Tweak is totally different and better than the Android’s 9-point field on which you have to draw a specific pattern. With this new Tweak, you can draw anything you want to on your iPhone or iPod. You can draw an image, letters, do signatures and much more.

See the promotional video of the Tweak below to have an idea about the Tweak.


Stride is much safer than the present custom lock tweaks in Cydia. This Tweak was built with the safe backhand of Apple’s Pass-code security. In case you forget the pattern, you can still access your device using the pass code behind the Stride screen. For the best effect, you should use a PIN/PASS-CODE as it makes things extra secure and fun to use.

This awesome piece of hard work done by Adam Bell is present in Cydia for $2.99 under the repo of BigBoss.

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