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Viber Shocks, SEA Rocks – Viber App Store Description Hacked

A week ago, Viber’s support page was hacked and defaced by S.E.A (Syrian Electronic Army) and today the Apple App Store Description page of Viber was hacked by the same SEA team. After SEA team hacked the Viber App Store description page in Apple Store, they only changed the description of the App and nothing else was done. The SEA team only changed the description of Viber App page to showcase a message that they did earlier in the Support page by defacing it.

However, the message conveyed by the SEA Team in today’s hack was minor different from the previous hack that was made at the support page. The message left by SEA Team was:

“We Created this App to spy on you, PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT.


Few hours after the hack was done in the Viber App Store Description page, Viber reverted it to original state. To return a hacked description and support page in original state is not the issue and can be done moments after the hack was attempted.

The main that needs to be known is the data safe of the users during these attacks or is it safe to use such Application that is being hacked twice in two weeks? Aren’t we putting our safety on risk?


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