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A Thief Drops his Samsung Galaxy Against Several iPhone Heist

In past we have seen many cases regarding Apple iPhone Heist being done at different parts of the world with different style. The first robbery was done at London Apple Store prior to official iPhone 5 release day. Then second robbery was done at the airport from where a truck containing iPhone consignment was stolen. Following the second iPhone heist, the third robbery took place in Vancouver where the robbers used Bear Spray to loot the Apple Store. These three are well-known robbery cases. However, this doesn’t mean that the story of iPhone heist ends on these three.

iPhone is one of the most stolen Devices in the U.S and across the globe because of its popularity. The U.S law enforcement agencies aware the public to stay aware of iPhone thief’s while they are on the move because iPhone heist had increased in recent years. Even after having an increment in iPhone heist, by the end of the day, police used to catch almost every thief who was spotted on CCTV Footage or was traced by the mistakes he had made while robbing the Apple Store.

Every thief who robbed the Apple Store for the iPhone or for Apple Products had his own way of doing the job done. Some stole about Millions of worth products in 60 seconds from the Apple Store and some took their time to loot the Apple Store at different places.


But the thief about whom we are going to tell you would be the first of his kind who invited the police to catch him after robbing the Apple Store in Fairfax.

Earlier this week, a man of age 25 inspired by smash and grab heists broke into Fair Fax Apple Store to steal the iPhone’s put on display. On his way of smashing and grabbing the iPhone’s from display, the thief dropped his own Samsung Galaxy Phone as an evidence for the police to capture him after he has flown away from the scene.

According to Fairfax County police, the robber suspect named Travis Montgomery Snyder, 25, on Monday Eve in Remington broke into the store to steal the iPhone’s set on display was caught after his Samsung Galaxy Phone was founded. After the county police founded his phone, they traced the suspect and followed up the CCTV Camera footage to ensure that the suspect is the same and they are not making any mistake.

Later on, he might have gone to Jail or so.

The possible reason for the iPhone heist would be the plan of upgrading from Samsung Galaxy to Apple iPhone.

What do you think would be the reason behind leaving Samsung Galaxy?

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