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Apple iPad Mini’s Worth $1.5M Lifted from JFK International Airport

The heist of the Apple products has drastically increased in preceding months. It all started back in May when we reported about the first iPad Robbery was done by a woman in different stores across the city in a very professional way. The iPad stolen accounted for $57,000. Then in September, the heists for Apple products increased by two robberies were made in different parts of the city. The first robbery took place in Temecula Apple Store, where smash and grab was done. The second robbery took place in Japan and the U.K Soon after the iPhone 5 was about to be set for sale. More than 400 Units of the iPhone 5 were stolen from both of the countries within the Apple Stores.

Later this past Monday, a huge iPad Mini heist was done at New Yorks JFK International Airport. The robbery was done by a pair of bold crooks who stole iPad Mini Worth $1.5 Million from the cargo building of 1978 Lufthansa. These well-coordinated crooks used the same machinery of the JFK Airport to load the iPad Mini’s pallets in the truck. The crooks were able to load two pallets of the iPad Mini in the truck leaving behind three pallets of the iPad Mini because of the airport worker who spotted them while he was returning from the dinner.


According to several sources, the crooks arrived at building 261 around 11:00pm in a white tractor-trailer branding CEVA on the side. The tractor-trailer was parked at the other side of the JFK International Airport where Security is low as compared to other side of the building where security is on the verge. The quantity of iPad Mini’s stolen from the JFK International Airport is 3,600. The iPad Mini’s belonged to a company called Cargo Airport Services, which claimed the fresh arrival of the iPad Mini’s from China were to be distributed in several different locations of the U.S.

However, back in September, the NYPD issued a warning to iProduct owners regarding drastic increment in crime by 40%.

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