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Alleged iPhone 5S Release Date Planned for July – Claims KDDI

The iPhone 5S Release Date for July is being heavily emphasized by carriers and reliable blogs on the Internet. It seems like they will announce their own iPhone 5S in July and wont wait for Apple.

The iPhone 5S Release Date for July seems to be illogical because Apple has no plans on releasing any new hardware until Fall 2013. This was confirmed by Apple’s C.E.O Tim Cook who stated that no new hardware will arrive until August and the company is not looking forward on hardware side, it is looking on the software side. This means that Apple is planning to release iOS 7 and an update to OS X this summer at WWDC 13. Apple has already sold WWDC 13 tickets in 120 seconds. After the tickets of WWDC 13 sold out in 120 seconds, the fruit company contacted Guinness Book of World Record to publish this breakthrough in the next edition.

While Guinness Book of World Record is busy in publishing or verifying the world record made by Apple for WWDC 13 tickets, a new document is seen circulating in the grounds of Japanese Telecom Operator called KDDI. The document that is circulating in the grounds of Japanese Telecom operator KDDI suggests that the iPhone 5S Release date is scheduled for the month of July and it will go on sale to retailers on June 20, 2013.


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The language of this document is in Japanese or some other language due to which we cannot translate it. However, we can see iOS 6 – 7, this means that iOS 7 is confirmed in iPhone 5S and rest we can see some numbers like 6, 20 that are possibly hinting towards June (6th Month), Date (20). Rest we assume are the prices of the iPhone 5S according to its model.

We are not putting our faith into this document that is being circulated in KDDI because the authenticity of this document is in pending state. Therefore, we cannot say anything about the June arrival date for Retailers. All we can say is that the iPhone 5S Release date of July is heavily rumored and every one is pointing out towards that release date of July.

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