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Apple Fails to Patch iOS 6.1.x Unlock Screen Security Hole in iOS 6.1.2

Few minutes back we told you about a new update rolled by Apple to fix a battery drainage issue caused in iOS 6.1/ iOS 6.1.1 with Exchange Calendar issue for iPhone/iPod/iPad and the same time we told you about a lock screen security loop that was founded by JailbreakNation on iOS 6.1.1 wasn’t seeming to be patched by Apple. The change log of the iOS 6.1.2 clearly stated that only one issue has been fixed in this new update that is exchange calendar security bug with battery drainage and Apple patched no other bug or issue.

As predicted by us, Apple hasn’t patched the lock screen issue. The confirmation comes from arstechnica who have downloaded iOS 6.1.2 and tested the same lock screen issue to see if it was patched or not, but the issue wasn’t patched by Apple. The lock screen issue still persists in iOS 6.1.2. It is unclear that why didn’t Apple patched this issue of lock screen in iOS 6.1.2 because they promised to fix this issue in the upcoming build of iOS 6.1.2.

However, Apple failed or didn’t patched the lock screen bug that was spotted in iOS 6.1 due to some circumstances or what ever the reason is behind not fixing the issue. The security of your iDevice is very important to Apple and to us therefore, we got a way by which you can stay safe from being attacked by this attack of lock screen bug.


In order to stay safe from this bug, all you need to do is just turn off simple passcode from your iPhone. This will secure your iPhone and will prevent any one knowing the trick to access your iPhone.

We have made a complete guide on how can you by pass the lock screen security on iPhone.


Unlock Screen Bug in iOS 6.1.2 by f657596207

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