Breaking: @P0sixninja Departs from The Chronic-Dev Team

Where the iPhone 5 is confirmed for the launch of September, we are now hearing that the most famous member of the Chronic-Dev Team, Joshua Hill (@P0sixninja) has left the Team with no solid reason stated. Today Joshua Hill announced on his Twitter account stating that he is no more in the team that he created few years with some other iOS Hackers. P0sixninja was the key member of The Chronic Dev-Team until now.

On the other hand, he also tweeted something related to money stating that it was never about money for me.

According to the tail, Tweets send by @P0sixninja on his Twitter account seems to be the matter of money. The reason that we can assume is related to money for the time being. However, @P0sixninja has contributed a lot for the community of Jailbreak. The Chronic Dev-Team worked together to accomplish the Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.x.x and iOS 5.x.x with the help of Absinthe and Greenpois0n. Recently the team joined up with the Dev-Team making a Dream Team to achieve the iOS 5.x.x Untethered Jailbreak for iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and iPad 3.

This sudden departure from the Jailbreaking scene arises many questions against @P0sixninja. We hope that the matter gets resolved soon and he comes back to the Team. We don’t want the key member of the Jailbreaking community to fly away from the Jailbreaking scene. We have already lost one Famous iOS Hacker, GeoHot (Georgehotz) from the Jailbreak world due to negative comments of people and criticisms. He ended up in making a PS3 Jailbreak that was later on followed by a Lawsuit from Sony EU.

After GeoHot, we lost another iOS Hacker called Comex, the developer behind He went on an internship at Apple and later on, Apple hired him because of his low level exploits making Apple go on shame.

Now we got another iOS Hacker, @P0sixninja in the pipeline who announced his departure today from the Chronic Dev-Team. All we have to do is wait and see for his new activities. We hope that he hasn’t left the Jailbreaking scene because the iPhone 5 with Jailbreakcon is around the corner. We want to see iPhone 5 exploited at this year Jailbreakcon.


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