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JailbreakCon Event Schedule is Live with Timing and Name of Developers

The second Jailbreak Convention is to be held in September 2012 with or after the release of The New iPhone (iPhone 5). The name of the convention is very well known by the people of Jailbreak community until now. If you don’t know the name of the upcoming Jailbreak Convention, so we will tell you about the name of the upcoming Jailbreak Convention. The name is World Wide Jailbreak Convention (WWJC). The name might sound new to you but the team behind this convention is the same old one that conducted MyGreatFest. After hearing the name of MyGreatFest, some of you might remember the name of the first ever Jailbreak convention that was held back in Fall and many of the famous iOS Developers/Hackers came out to present speech on their work.

If we recall the MyGreatFest, we can recall the name of the famous iOS Developers/hackers that came on the stage for the speech were,

  1. Saurik (Owner of Cydia)
  2. The Chronic Dev-Team (P0sixninja and iOPK)
  3. Android Developers
  4. iFile Creator

In addition, many more developers joined up the stage to enlighten your day at MyGreatFest.

The same is going to happen in JailbreakCon. The team and people are old and only the name of the convention has been changed from MyGreatFest to JailbreakCon because to make the word Jailbreak more specific.

Therefore, this years JailbreakCon is happening on September 29, 2012 from 9:00am to 7:00pm (PDT), San Francisco (CA). They have scheduled the conference at a perfect time because it is after the iPhone 5 is released for sale.

The event would be taking place at the South San Francisco Conference Centre at 9:00AM until 7:00PM. Before the event takes place, you should know about who is coming to JailbreakCon and who will be speaking when. To over come this issue, JailbreakCon Team has made a stunning timetable for speakers at JailbreakCon with their timings.

The Time Table is as follow:

Timetable For JailbreakCon

9:00-9:45 Aaron Ash (Developer of multiple Cydia based tweaks).                         

9:45-10:15 Josh M. Tucker (iOS Concept artist and former writer for ModMyi).

10:20-11:50 Carsten Heinelt (Developer of the popular file management package, iFile).

11:55-12:40 Chronic Development Team (Creator of Greenpoi0sn and Absinthe jailbreak tools).

12:45-13:45 Lunch & workshops

13:50-14:35 pod2g (French iOS security researcher).

14:40-15:10 ih8sn0w + Notcom (iOS developers and researchers responsible for Sn0wbreeze and Tiny Umbrella respectively).

15:15-15:45 NitoTV (Apple TV Jailbreak legend).

15:50-16:20 Ryan Petrich (Hardest working man in the jailbreak community. Creator of multiple essential Cydia offerings).

16:25-16:55 Jaywalker (iOS security specialist).

17:00-18:00 Jay Freeman (Creator of Cydia and owner of SaurikIT LLC).

18:05-18:40 Dustin Howett (Creator of theos and involved in CyDelete and Safari Download Manager packages).

18:45-19:15 pimskeks (iOS developer and hacker, member of the Chronic Dev Team).

19:15-19:45 Panel (On stage question and answer session with multiple developers).

According to the timetable, the first speaker to enlighten the audience would be @Aaron Ash, following him the next speaker would be Tucker, and so on. We would be seeing our favorite iOS Hackers at this year JailbreakCon. More over we will also be seeing the person behind the most famous Jailbreaking tool Sn0wbreeze, ih8sn0w.

It would a great opportunity to meet with all of the iOS hackers/developers at one place. No one wants to miss out this opportunity. So don’t just waste your time thinking/planning, just go and buy a ticket for your self before the stock runs out from here. The tickets are selling out like a flood.

Don’t forget to Follow the Team of JailbreakCon on Twitter. Follow:

1. @JailbreakCon

2. @Craig Fox

Note: The timetable posted above is tentative and can be changed before the event depending on the other factors.

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