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iOS 6 Jailbreak in progress by Planetbeing and Pod2g, iOS 6.1GM Barrier

The drought of Untethered Jailbreak in the Jailbreaking community is going to vanish some time soon. The confirmation of the drought of Jailbreak comes from the well-known iOS Hacker and Developer called Pod2g. The same French iOS Hacker who worked with the dream team to obtain the iOS 5.x.x Jailbreak in past and now he is working with another member of the Dev-Team called Planetbeing to obtain the Jailbreak for iOS 6.x.x. When iOS 6 was released by Apple, it was believed that the Jailbreak is partially impossible because Apple had tightened the security in iOS 6. This was the point at which people said good-bye to the Jailbreak and released all the hope of Jailbreak in dark for iOS 6.

Somehow, very few people were in the hope that the Jailbreak for iOS 6 will later or sooner. However, until today, no one was sure about the arrival of the Jailbreak because the same famous iOS Hacker, Pod2g opened his own company called 2G Lab and tweeted on the twitter that he is not working on the Jailbreak because he has something else in the works. After hearing this statement, all the hopes for the Jailbreak of iOS 6 drowned in water. Staying away from the iOS Hacking field, Pod2g after several months announced that he is working on an App that will be released soon in the AppStore around the globe. At this point, people thought something related to jailbreak might be arriving on the AppStore. That something arriving on the AppStore might be some Tweak or so.

When that something was released, it was not related to any Jailbreak Tweak or related to Jailbreak, it was a completely new thing called PodDJ. PodDJ was the first application made by Pod2g for which he departed from the iOS Hacking scene and never concentrated on the Jailbreak because he was paying full attention on his beautiful app of PodDJ.

After the Application was released around the world of Pod2g, he jumped back into the Jailbreaking scene and found something amazing with Planetbeing. Therefore, today Planetbeing Tweeted on his Twitter account that:

This Tweet from Planetbeing raised the level of excitement and hopes of the people waiting for the iOS 6 Jailbreak. Soon after this exciting Tweet from Planetbeing, Pod2g Tweeted from his Twitter account that:

Pod2g and Planetbeing are working at full for the public release of the iOS 6 Jailbreak. They only need a code execution for the public Jailbreak release. In order to obtain this, Aaron Ash the iOS Developer seems to be helping these developers. In a Tweet to Pod2g and Planetbeing from Aaron Ash stated:

The work on the iOS 6 Jailbreak is going at full swing and will be released when the barrier of iOS 6.1 GM will be crossed.

iOS 6.1GM Barrier:

Those of you who are not aware of the fact that iOS 6.1 is around the corner and the Jailbreak team is only waiting for the iOS 6.1 public release by Apple, must know that iOS 6.1 is in its Beta 4 stage that is going to expire in approximately 5-7 days. This means that Apple needs to push out the final GM (Gold Master) version of the iOS 6.1 or must release a new iOS 6.1 Beta for the developers, so they can stay away from the expired beta and continue the testing.

According to our expectations, the new iOS 6.1 GM should arrive on Monday for all iDevices and the final version of iOS 6.1 will follow the public release after 3-4 days of the GM release.

The iOS Hackers are also waiting for this release to happen because they don’t want the exploits to be patched in this upcoming update of iOS 6.1.

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