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iPhone 4S Price Gashed by $75 at RadioShack Starting August 26

Following the rumors regarding the iPhone 5 with an Eagles eye, RadioShack has continued to slash the price of the iPhone 4S. Few weeks back, some major carriers jumped in the war of price slashing after RadioShack waved off $50 from the iPhone 4S. Following the war of price slashing, Apple Store’s also jumped in by waving off $50 from the iPhone 4S. Not only iPhone 4S prices were slashed, the prices of the iPhone 4 and 3GS were also gashed. This price slash war made the upcoming iPhone 5 launch more prominent in the upcoming month of September.

Today, RadioShack competing with all the retail stores, slashed $25 off the iPhone 4S 16,32, and 64GB models. This new price slash includes the iPhone 4S AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Models. The price slash for the iPhone 4S hasn’t started yet. The Verge notes the price slash will be followed starting this Sunday, August 26. The new prices after the price slash at RadioShack will be $124.99 for the iPhone 4S 16GB Model, $224.99 for the iPhone 4S 32GB model, where as the iPhone 4S 64GB model will count for $324.99. This new price scheme is available for old and new customers who want to buy an iPhone 4S from the store only.


RadioShack will be offering this new price scheme until further notice. We believe the gashed price of the iPhone 4S would be available until the iPhone 5 doesn’t goes on sale this fall. The iPhone 5 is strongly rumored to debut on September 12. The hopes are high for the iPhone 5 so far. All we have to do is wait and see what Apple releases this fall. The iPhone 5 is expected to have a 4-inch screen with NFC Technology, 4G LTE, and few more changes. The leaked parts suggested the same flagship design made slimmer. Lets hope the rumors are wrong.

However, the rumors regarding the iPhone 5 have made the prices go down before the release. This is the right time to buy in an iPhone 4S if you are willing to have one.

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