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iTunes 11 Delayed till November to “Get it Right” by Apple

The world is waiting for a revamped version of iTunes, which is iTunes 11 and Apple keeps on delaying the launch of iTunes 11 by slipping the date from one month to another. The rumors of iTunes 11 started back in April 2012, when we first reported about the new version of iOS being tested with iTunes 11 under the hood by Apple. At that, time the new iOS version was speculated to be iOS 6, that later on came true and iTunes 11 speculation remained at the same place where it was. Later at WWDC 12, we came across the iOS 6 and no iTunes 11 was announced.

After the time passed by and we came ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, just few minutes before the iPhone 5 was unveiled, we broke another news that iTunes 11 would be coming with the iPhone 5 in just few minutes because it was on Apple’s website.When the iPhone 5 made public appearance, the dream of iTunes 11 remained as a dream. To uncover the dream of iTunes 11, speculations slipped for the October 23 launch of the iTunes 11 along side iPad Mini. hopes were high for the iTunes 11 because October launch of the iTunes 11 was roaming in our minds. Unfortunately on October 23, we didn’t see any iTunes 11. Everything that was announced was expected before hand and the thing that was highly expected didn’t come out.




As for today, an Apple representative talking with CNET unveiled that iTunes 11-release date has been postponed until November.

The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right. We look forward to releasing this new version of iTunes with its dramatically simpler and cleaner interface, and seamless integration with iCloud before the end of November.”

While talking to CNET, the information that was revealed stated that a beautiful and cleaner interface of the iTunes 11 is in progress. In order to make the iTunes 11 version more sleek and simple, Apple needs some time to accomplish that task. Other than the design of the iTunes 11, the integration of iCloud with iTunes 11 would also be made for much better backup support.

This time the delayed date is said to be before the end of November, which we expect would be the last week of November. Therefore, expect an iTunes 11 download to be revived in the last week of November, rather than waiting for the iTunes 11 version in the first or second week of November.

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