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Kenny the Clown Ended Up Having Steve Jobs’ Stolen iPad Innocently

The items stolen from Late Steve Jobs’ house were worth $60,000 and were recovered within five days of the burglary with the housebreaker. The items included two iMacs, three iPad’s, one Apple TV and few ladies Jewelry that were stolen from Steve Jobs’ house. When the products were recovered from Kariem, there was an iPad missing from the list. When police traced out the iPad, they found the iPad with the famous professional Joker called as Kenny the Clown (Kenneth khan).

Kenny the Clown, despite digging into the iPad used it for entertainment purpose for others. He used the iPad to play “Pink Panther Theme Song” and Michael Jackson songs to entertain the kids and tourists during his usual time. He was very unaware of the fact that he is using the iPad of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs (Late).  When the police arrived at his house to take back the iPad, he then came to know that whose iPad he was having for past few days in this month of August. After giving out the iPad to the police, he stated:

“It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house,” said the 47-year-old professional clown, whose real name is Kenneth Kahn. “It’s bizarre; it’s really bizarre.”

The police confirmed that the culprit, MCFarlin Kariem gave his friend Kenny the silver 64GB iPad that was stolen from Jobs Alto Palo house on 17 July. It seems that was the iPad 1. In addition to this iPad, another iPad was reportedly given by Kariem to his daughter. After MCFarlin Kariem was arrested on August 2, the stolen items were handed over to Jobs Family by the police.


In an investigation conducted by police regarding the iPad Kenny had, Mercury news reports that Kenny have played with several iPad’s at the Apple Store and he thought that his friend Kariem might have bought a new iPad, that’s why he is giving him the old one to get rid of it.

“I didn’t notice anything special or anything like that,” said Kahn, adding he had the iPad for three or four days before police asked for it back. “It was silver; it looked normal. I was basically using it like an iPod.”

Without knowing that iPad belonged to the late co-founder of Apple, Kenny the Clown used the iPad as an iPod. The old iPad 1 might not have entertained him as much as he might have entertained his audience with the iPad.

We wonder if the iPad 1 was Jailreaked or not. What do you people think?

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