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German Carrier Mobilcom Debitel Announced iPhone 5 September Launch

The September is only few weeks away and the iPhone 5 is gaining some Miami heat these days. The iPhone 5 is exceedingly rumored for the unveiling in September on a Media Event to be hosted by Apple. The dates have been confirmed by numerous sources regarding the iPhone 5 unveiling and the wait is for Apple to announce the event officially. Apple will not be going on with the announcement until 10 or fewer days are left for the Media Event. Apple loves to nudge every one at the last moment to get ready.


Before Apple plans on to nudge the people, Mobilecom Debitel has gained the lead from Apple. This German carrier has announced on their website that the iPhone 5 is scheduled for the September launch with a beautiful message in German that has been placed on their website. The message was conveyed by 9to5mac with the help of Google Translation stating something like this:


Bietet das neue Smartphone besondere Überraschungen? Vielleicht ein größeres Display von 4 Zoll oder einen einen dünneren Cell-Touchscreen? Erwartet die Welt ein schnellerer Prozessor oder eine höhere Grafikleistung? Vielleicht sogar ein Arbeitsspeicher von 1 GB? Es bleibt spannend…


 The new smartphone special surprises? Perhaps a bigger screen of 4 inches or a thinner cell touchscreen? The world expects a faster processor or higher graphics performance? Maybe even a memory of 1 GB? It will be exciting..

This time it seems that Apple is highly being nudged by exceeding rumors regarding the Media Event and leaked iPhone 5 parts that are surfacing since May on the Internet. The leaked parts and rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 were not enough to nudge Apple because they know what is in production.

What ever is in the production, for now we know that the iPhone 5 is unveiling on September 12. The dates for the iPhone 5 Media Event have been confirmed by various Major and reliable sources.

Moreover, today, Verizon iPhone 5 September launch vacation outage confirmed the dates for the iPhone 5 official launch in United States.

So, who’s going to order Mobilcom Debitel iPhone 5 from Germany?

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