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Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Ahead of Official launch Hands on – Video

The first ever Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands on video is live now. The Samsung Galaxy S4 hands on video comes from the same guy who leaked the first ever images of Galaxy S4 few days before official launch and today the same person leaked a hands on video of Samsung Galaxy S4. This video of first hands on Samsung Galaxy S4 ownership unveils nothing new than the shape of the upcoming Smart Phone. In the whole video Samsung Galaxy S4 hands on, the owner simply shows the design of the Smart Phone and confirms the specification leaks that were done before official announcement of Unpacked Event 2013.

However, Samsung is trying hard to keep the upcoming Galaxy as a secret because they have planned something big to announce on March 14. But the series of leaks and now this Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands on might have killed all the suspense of secret that Samsung wanted to show its audience on March 14. Before we further proceed on with the analysis of the video, we would like you to explore the first ever Samsung Galaxy S4 hands on Video below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands on Video:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands on Video – Source 2

Samsung Galaxy S4 LEAKED 2013. World’s First Hands On Review 2013 from Raheem Khan on Vimeo.

The model of the Galaxy S4 is identified, as GT-I9502 with Android OS 4.2.1 about which we reported few days back that Samsung will introduce Galaxy S4 as a World Phone. Over here world phone means that it will support GSM+CDMA both. We can say that it will be two in one Smart Phone (DUOS). After seeing the model number and Android OS, we can see that the display is clear as crystal that means Samsung Galaxy S4 has 1080p Display and camera is 13MP.

Rest the design is not much appealing because it is the same design that Galaxy S3 has. Samsung only increased the screen size with the same design. After all, it is still made of plastic like its predecessors.

The epic thing about this video is that the guy didn’t have any suitable music for the background, so he started the iPad Mini Promo video and made the video.

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