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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Teaser Released by Samsung (Teaser)

It is highly expected that Samsung is planning to unveil something new and big on its upcoming C.E.S (Consumer Electronic Show) Event planned in the second week of January 2013. The new and big thing is expected to be another Samsung Galaxy S Flagship that will be called Galaxy S4. At this time, it might sound strange that how come Samsung be planning for another Phone, when it already got two flagship of its released in preceding months following the launch one after another. Back in May, Samsung released Galaxy S3 and later in September, Samsung released a new member in the family by announcing Galaxy S3 Mini for low-end market users.


The first Smart Phone, Galaxy S3 is about seven months old and the Galaxy S3 Mini is only four months old. Samsung already got two smart phones released in the market and the company is further planning to release another smart phone with killing specification doesn’t sounds good. The release of Galaxy S4 is not yet confirmed or rock firm. But, on Monday, the teaser released by Samsung for the upcoming C.E.S might be hinting towards something new is coming because in the teaser, the Korean company has teased about “The World Awaits” for something new and innovative coming on its way at C.E.S 2013.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Teaser

After seeing the above teaser teased by Samsung, we can expect a complete new redesigned Galaxy S4 coming on its way at C.E.S 2013 because major reliable sources are pointing towards a new smart phone line up is going to be made at the next years C.E.S 2013 along with previously rumored specifications. The previously rumored specifications hinted towards a 1080p Super Amoled HD Display for Galaxy S4 with 441ppi, and much more that can be viewed here. It is also believed that Samsung might pack Galaxy S4 with a new screen technology that will make the screen of Galaxy S4 unbreakable.

The unbreakable screen some how makes sense because Galaxy S3 failed to compete with the iPhone 5 in several drop tests done by different users around the globe.

However, it is also believed that Samsung might announce a high tech T.V set at C.E.S 2013. Like always, it is very early to say anything about what will be coming on the upcoming Media Event.  We would recommend you to expect a Galaxy S4 and a high tech equipped T.V coming your way at C.E.S 2013.

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