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Samsung Adds 4 Additional Colors to Galaxy S III, Launch at IFA 2012

After doing amazing sales by Samsung of its Galaxy S III Flagship, the Korean company has finally decided to move on with some additional color schemes for the handset made for humans and inspired by nature.  The new color scheme is taken from the Earth’s finest colors starting from: Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, and Titanium Grey. These are some of the new color schemes that will be introduced in the Galaxy S III Flagship by Samsung.

The colors are originated after getting inspiration by Nature. The phone embraces a pure and clear material on the back called Hyperglaze.

The Sapphire Black color in Samsung Galaxy S III Flagship was previously rumored to arrive in the U.K in about a month. After that rumor, a new news enclosed in stating that a Glossy Black Galaxy S III with 64GB of Capacity is in works. The targeted launch is set for October depending on the carriers that will provide the users with this new iconic color.

However, the Korean company also noticed that the obtainability of all the colors totally depends on your country and the carrier/retailer providing you with the latest colors or not. So, don’t expect all the colors landing at your place. The color scheme is directly proportional to the carriers/retailers.

Before the above iconic mentioned color scheme arrives at your local stores or with your carrier/retailers, we would like to share all the iconic color scheme Galaxy S III with color definition done by Samsung Tomorrow.

Lets start with the first color scheme of

Amber Brown:


 Inspired by the mysterious and unique gem, which was believed to sustain the secrets of the earth inside it. The deep, rich colour of Amber Brown redefines the classic colour and emphasizes the beauty of the advanced organic design of the GALAXY S III.


Garnet Red:


Rare and special, the gemstone Almandite Garnet was worn as an amulet by the ancient Egyptians who believed the stone contained protective powers. Garnet Red holds the delicateness and elegance of Almandite Garnet, in line with the GALAXY S III’s soft curves and smooth lines.

Sapphire Black:


A colour that adds the mysterious power of dark stones to the refined, deep sophistication of the colour black, Sapphire Black is inspired by the stones used by the ancient people of India and Persia for protection, with the belief they strengthened one’s willpower.

Titanium Grey:


Inspired by the colour grey as a symbol for intelligence, insight and curiosity, all of which are embodied within the design of the GALAXY S III. Titanium Grey expresses the feeling of modernity and wisdom bringing a futuristic element to the handset.

Above posted are some stunning images of the Samsung Galaxy S III colors scheme coming on an unknown date. The Korean company hasn’t told about any official launch date regarding this new color scheme.

We hope the company announces this new color scheme today at the IFA Unpacked Event.

A part from all above the release details, what Samsung Galaxy S III colors did you liked the most? We personally liked the Garnet Red one, though we have a Pebble White Galaxy S III. Garnet Red Looks nice.

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