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Compiled iPhone 5 Front Panel Surfaced With No NFC Technology (Report)

Alleged parts for the iPhone 5 haven’t stopped to surface the Internet until now. We have seen a fully assembled iPhone 5, hands on video of iPhone 5, different leaked parts of the iPhone 5, dock connector of the iPhone 5, and today we are going to discuss about a new assembled front panel leaked with everything installed on it from home button till FaceTime Camera. Over here from everything, we mean the shield, home button, FaceTime Camera, proximity sensor, and all the things are assembled in this newly leaked front panel of the alleged iPhone 5. In this new leak, we are seeing more parts than the previous leak of the alleged iPhone 5 front panel.



The newly leaked front panel of the iPhone 5 doesn’t only shows LCD attached to the face panel, but also displays how the home button is attached to the front panel with a metal bracket for its protection. The front panel also shows a shielding frame for the display that was previously seen as a separate part and the front facing FaceTime Camera is also installed with additional shielding protecting it.



After going through all the part leaks and rumors, we have seen everything was same from different sources. This newly leaked fully assembled iPhone 5 front panel gives us a clear idea about how the front panel may look when it is fully assembled. However, the front panel looks the same as of the iPhone 4/4S despite a 4-inch screen, reallocated FaceTime Camera, and proximity sensor. The upcoming iPhone 5 would feature a two-tone UNI Body design with two metal stripes in the center back and top/bottom made of plastic or glass.

With all the preceding leaks, we have gotten a clear idea about the forthcoming iPhone. We would suggest not going with all the parts leaked because nothing has been officially said by Apple regarding the iPhone 5. We are not officially confirmed about the September 12 Media Event. We are waiting for Apple to make its move and send out the Media Invites.

The story doesn’t ends here. This new fully assembled iPhone 5 front screen brought a mysterious Square Shaped that is clearly visible on the top of the backside of the front panel. This square shaped hardware was a real mystery until the Japanese Blog; Macotakra reported that the square shaped hardware chip seems to be of NFC (Near Field Communication) Sensor.


The claim regarding the NFC Sensor looks legit according to the preceding confirmation made by BGR sources stating that the iPhone 5 would feature NFC Technology, 4G LTE, and a 4-inch screen.

Today, the NFC Technology chip that was spotted in the above leaked assembled front panel was closely examined by AnandTech. After examining the so-called NFC Chip, AnandTech simply declined the presence of NFC Sensor in the fully assembled leaked front panel of the iPhone 5 by saying:

Given the primarily metal backside of the new iPhone, it’s highly unlikely that NFC is in the cards for this generation. In fact, given the very little space at top and bottom dedicated to those glass RF windows, you can almost entirely rule it out.

Later on Jim Dalrymple, the Apple analyst connected with the iPhone 5 release supported the statement made by AnandTech with his traditional “YEP.”  This means that we are not going to see a NFC Technology sort of feature in the upcoming iPhone. This NFC Technology feature predicted to be used with the iOS 6’s passbook feature that is still in Beta stages. However, Apple hasn’t commented or confirmed anything regarding the payment process via the Passbook in iOS 6. It is believed that they will use Bluetooth or QR Codes to make out the payments.

In addition to all the above rumors, leaks, confirmations, and reports, we personally believe that Apple should introduce NFC technology in the upcoming iPhone 5. If Apple needs to beat its competitors out then they should introduce NFC Technology in the upcoming iPhone 5. If they fail to introduce iPhone 5 NFC Technology, many of the Apple users might switch to its competitor’s Samsung Galaxy S III that is featuring NFC Technology in it and much more features.

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