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Telekom Germany is Stocking Nano-SIM Cards Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

Following the footsteps of Danish Telecom, on Tuesday T-Mobile Germany was spotted with stocking of Nano-SIM Cards with its retailers ahead of iPhone 5 launch. The report comes from, a German blog stating that T-Mobile Germany has started to stock the Nano-SIM Cards for the upcoming iPhone 5. The distribution of the Nano-SIM Cards started with the start of this week to retailers by Telekom Germany. It is well thought out that Apple is going to announce Nano-SIM technology in the iPhone 5 by ditching the Micro-SIM Card Technology practice by keeping it limited to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


As you can see in the above picture, the Nano-SIM is on the left and Micro-SIM is on the right hand of Telekom Germany SIM Card.

According to the cover letter of the new Nano-SIM Cards, the name of the iPhone 5 is not specifically mentioned. The cover letter states the SIM Cards are for the upcoming Generation of Smart Phones.

Dear partners, 
you will receive today a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market. Sort your SIM card please first not in their cards in hand and give it not out to customers. We will inform you shortly about how to proceed.

The cover letter clearly states about the Nano-SIM Cards arrival at the stores and hints towards upcoming Smart Phone that will support the Nano-SIM Cards. In addition to Nano-SIM Cards, the report also aware the retailer’s to not to allocate the Nano-SIM Cards before any notice or allowance. Just sort out the SIM Cards and you will be advised on how to use them when the time is right.

Few days back we aware you with the same activity that Telekom Germany is doing now was done by Danish Telecoms. Danish Telecoms were storing the Nano-SIM Cards before anything was finalized. It seemed they were stocking the Nano-SIM Cards because of heavy rumors regarding Nano-SIM Cards and different Nano-SIM Card leaks.

Therefore, now it seems legit. The iPhone 5 is only a week away from the official launch. The carriers have started to stock Nano-SIM Cards with them.

The iPhone 5 official announcement is only a week away.

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