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Xbox 720 Unveiling Delayed with Release Date and Price – Rumor

The alleged release date of Xbox 720 with price and unveiling surfaced the Internet, claiming the unveiling part to be done next month.

Xbox gamers, the time has arrived to gear up and start saving for the gaming beast, rather than spending on the outdated gaming console of Xbox 360. The tech giant company Microsoft is preparing for something new and big under the name of Xbox 720 that is going to rock the gaming world. As we are aware of the fact that rumors and leaks happen prior to official release always, therefore the same thing is happening with gaming console of Microsoft. The geeks at Microsoft are working hard to keep everything as a secret regarding upcoming Xbox 720, but rumors are rumors and leaks are leaks. They have to surface on the Internet at any cost.

Following the allegations posted by Paul Thurrott regarding Xbox 720 claimed that the next Xbox unveiling was to be done in the last week of April, but as of now the dates have slipped for the next month that is May 2013. According to Paul’s allegations about Xbox 720, Microsoft will hold a special event on May 21, 2013 prior to E3 Gaming conference in June, where the company will show off the next generation of Xbox that is Xbox 720.


The release date of Xbox 720 is scheduled for November that is days before the holiday season starts. The estimated price of the gaming console is predicted to be $500 on initial launch. If the price figure doesn’t pleases you, then you don’t need to worry because Xbox 720 competitor would be released the same time it will enter the market or before it. The competitor of Xbox 720 is none other than PlayStation 4. Sony recently unveiled the features, tech specs, and controller of the PlayStation 4 on its preceding media event, where as they kept the console hidden.

It is believed that Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 console at E3 Gamers conference or some time later or may keep it secret until official release.

This is going to be a hell lot of fun for gamers because two head to head competitors will be refreshing the gaming console line after years and gamers cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming consoles.

Let the Console war begin.

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